Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 21 October 2013

Female Scout Picked by a Bloke!

I will start the post with the following points known  ;-)

1. The figure is owned by my wife

2. The person who picked it for their character is a bloke.

The figure is supposed to represent a Female Scout come Thief but it looks to me as if she is the one who has something nicked, like her clothes!

I am not yet sure if the figure will be used until we find a more suitably clothed female (we are at this point rather to the north of Middle Earth and it's set to get colder as the game goes on.

I don't remember the make and did not notice any detail on the base to say who had made it but Cath has had the figure since the late Nineties I think. I am not even sure why she got this figure though Cath also had a few other female figures some of which Cath had painted up as well as two Dwarfs one of which has been already painted up and shown by me recently on the blog.

So the poor thing is wearing a waste coat and a thong, a belt and a pair of boots. No way will she ever be accused of wearing too much! Other than the flesh she was a fairly quick paint up though I am relieved she did not take too long as it was not one of the more demanding figures that I have done recently.

My camera had trouble focusing but I assume you get the idea, believe it or not she does have eyes. I have given the photo's interesting names just to see how it impacts on hits, but just to be sure I will now go over the stand out points, boobs and bum. OK that's got to be good for a hundred hits  ;-)


  1. Maybe she´s lacking clothes due to not being a very good thief, :-D

  2. She'll catch a dead of cold dont you know but very nice

  3. Interesting figure! Did someone yell "Boobs"? :-D
    Great paintwork!


  4. Very interesting figure. Nice work!

  5. @ Paul, never thought about that, maybe at level two she will be that bit better dressed?

    @ Michael, I think she is a five pinter myself ;-)

    @ Panzer, and yet she has three coats on her (one primer, one flesh and the last is varnish)

    @ Phil, Beer Goggles?

    @ Peter, that's one way of putting it LOL

    @ Rodger, thanks but I think the out of focus last shot is the best as she is not exactly a looker

    @ Fran, Next years fashion is a hoody


  6. This figure comes form the Tabletop Games fantasy range (1980s).

    I know because I have one of them in my own collection (hidden at the back of the figure cabinet so that my Missus doesn't spot it ;) )