Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

This years painted total so far V's The Lead Mountain

All the information below is from my Painted in 2013 page, I have to be honest it's a serious amount of work and given that two thirds of the time I have been in full time employment and I have not included any buildings in the mix I have to say I am a bit taken back by what I have actually got off the table. Looking at what I have painted it's clear 6mm Napoleonic's has been by far the main subject on the painting table and it's the main reason I have tried to include a few other projects just so you and I don't start to get all bored with what I have on offer.

With that said it may be worth looking at what my mountain is made of. Well a very quick count and I have 50 WWII 28mm's already before I get the 240+ from the Kickstarter, a lot of Fantasy in 28mm including my Nephews. One small Roman Army in 15mm and a few hundred other ancient figures that need attention. In 6mm I have a Anglo-Saxon army that I will paint up if someone does not take it off me before I get to a point I decide I will tackle it. Three times as many French Napoleonic and about the same Prussian! Shall I ignore the shipping order on it's way at Blog-Con?

Then of course not shown is the Zulu army in 6mm I have yet to work on for Matt and also his 15mm ECW, just a couple of regiments of foote. I will also accept that I did not show ALL I have but I think that was enough for now.

Being as I had no idea of how many figures I actually painted in 2012 I have decided to keep count of 2013. This could be frightening!

Twenty Eight WWII Infantry.
One Samurai 
One Orc
One Wolf
Eight Whitecloak's (Fantasy)
One Dwarf
One Dog
One Scout

Eight Investigators for Mansion of Madness
One Ral Patha Beast Man

Twenty Four Persian Cavalry
One Hundred and Seventeen German, Russian and American WWII Infantry
Twelve ECW Cavalry
Four ECW Mounted Dragoons
Twenty ECW Dismounted Dragoons
Fourty ECW Infantry
Eight ECW gun crew
Two ECW Guns

Twenty Four Four Man gun crews with eight 8lb guns, six 6lb guns and six howitzers in 6mm
Six Six horse limbers.
Eleven Napoleonic French Mounted Command
Seventy One French Napoleonic Cavalry
Three Hundred and Sixty Six French Napoleonic Infantry
Two Hundred and Nineteen Italian Napoleonic Infantry
Twenty Nine Napoleonic Prussian Mounted Command
Eight Hundred Firty Five Prussian Napoleonic Infantry
Twenty Prussian Dragoons
Eighteen Prussian Landwehr Cavalry
Twenty Eight Irish Napoleonic Infantry serving France
Ninety Six Spanish War of Secession French Cavalry
Four Hundred and Eighty Spanish War of Secession French Infantry
Three Hundred and Thirty Six ACW Confederate Infantry
Sixteen dismounted ECW Dragoons
Nine mounted ECW Dragoons
Nine ECW Cavalry
Two four man crewed ECW guns
Twenty Eight ECW Infantry
One Civilian (yes I know!)

28mm Infantry Nine
28mm Animals Two
25mm Infantry Eight
28mm Roleplay Infantry Two
15mm Mounted Forty
15mm Infantry One Hundred and Eighty One
6mm Guns Twenty Six
6mm Crews Members Eighty Two
6mm Limbers Six
6mm Mounteted Three Hundred and Seventy Three
6mm Infantry Two Thousand Two Hundred and Thirteen


  1. Well I'm impressed! I know that I'm well behind last year though.

  2. 2213 6mm infantry; wow, that is great. Considering the quality of your work (very high,) that is really something. What will you do with your time when the Napoleonics are painted?

  3. Great productivity in 2013 but you call that a lead mountain? That's merely a speed bump.

  4. @ Michael, I think I am behind last year but then again I now spend 50 hours a week at work instead of a big fat zero

    @ Paul, yes I have to admit I have been keeping tabs but never paid attention to it

    @ Mike, Thanks, not sure what you mean by "when all the Napoleonic's are painted" ???????

    Actually given the amount I have agreed to buy last week and the amount of 6mm ECW that was not in that picture (almost two full armies) I have plenty of 6mm to do but I do wonder what I will do if I do get to the end and have not found something else to interest me on the desk.

    @ Jonathan, I thought rude words when I read that until I worked out that I have about the same amount unpainted Naps as I have painted this year so yes maybe it is a speed bump LOL


    1. Yes, yes. I meant that at your current rate of painting, you would be through your lead pile in no time.