Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Building of the Week and Blog Giveaway Score

First up is a huge Thank You to Jonathan over at Palouse Wargaming Journal who pulled my name out of the hat scoring me a copy of 1805 Austerlitz so I have some great Napoleonic reading ahead of me and just after I secured some Austrian's in 6mm. OK Lee will be the one with those guys but I look to get the French to face them. I will crack on with the book I am reading at the moment so that can move to the front of the queue.

Now don't get too excited as I am not actually finished with the Total Battle Miniatures Spanish Hill Village, rather I have most of the base finished and have added some of the other TBM buildings showing that it can be used for multiple periods and locations just by switching buildings over. 

I still have to add about 20% of the bushes come trees to the base as well as fill in the odd spot where it is not fully covered and also add static grass here and there.

The rocky sections look great with a reasonable amount of dry brushing. I also intend to add bits of static grass and vegetation to a few spots so as to give it some more life.

I have been using Woodland Scenic's Olive Green Bushes with a little of a lighter colour added to the mix. The cast bushes are OK but painted bushes never really do it for me, possibly as I have never been that good at that part of modelling. 

I really like the texture and reasonably happy with how the stonework finished up. The road and ground have enough texture to save sanding though I used the same way of painting it to try and get it to match the bases. I should have the last of the real modelling on this finished tonight and the buildings are about 40% done. I hope to finish the buildings by the end of next week but no promises.


  1. That looks fantastic Ian! You have done an awesome job on the drybrushing!!

  2. Your Spanish village will be a very handsome focal point in your games. Due to the footprint of my 15mm Napoleonic units, I use 6mm buildings. I should pick up one of these village clusters.

  3. Great work there of the village and the base really finishes it for me.

  4. I looks great so far Ian! And congrats on the win!


  5. A very good base for me... would like to do half of that work !

  6. Looking good Ian and well done on the win!

  7. Wow. That looks great. Congrats on the prize.

  8. The bushes are a big improvement and i agree cast ones just dont look right

  9. @ Roger, Thanks, as i said in the post it's really just how I do my bases, just on a larger scale

    @ Jonathan, for £8 you can pick up one of the small tiles with two buildings on, £35 gets the one I have whilst £65 will get you the Pike and Shot fortified Town which I plan to get at some point. The biggest is fairly new at £75 though.

    @ Panzer, thanks, the base is almost finished now. I had a detour to painting up some French Dragoons

    @ Peter, cheers, I am really looking forward to the book.

    @ Sam, the base really makes it a lot easier and like figures a good base makes the rest look better

    @ Ray, thank's, it's coming together now

    @ Peter, Thanks

    @ Chris, thanks a lot,

    @ Andrew, the only issue is it makes the bush area's a little larger but it's a big tile so all is good