Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My Book Arrives and Nearly A Week Between Posts!

First up the two are not connected but I have got home from work to find the book I had won sitting next to me computer. This is courtesy of Jonathan who runs the rather spiffing Palouse Wargaming Journal which is packed full of varied and excellent painted figures. A joy to follow as Jonathan has a nice mix of interests.

I had been advised to get another title on the battle to read before this as the detail of this book means that a base understanding is rewarded on reading Goetz. So in the meantime I ordered Duffy's book on the subject and will read this with my prize following on after.

So a great big thank You to Jonathan and I am sure the nett result will be yet more money thrown in the general direction of Baccus, thought the Adler me and Lee are buying in less than two weeks just happen to be well filled out by Austrian's and Russian's so I guess fate said buy more, buy more.

Also regular followers will have noticed a distinct reduction in posts with almost a whole week going between posts. Just a massive work load mixed in with not being 100% post treatment has left me low on reserves and short on time. I have done some painting but not enough to get all excited about. Hopefully back to normal especially as I have figures to show off.


  1. Cool beans on the book. Sorry you are
    not feeling well. I hope you get back to
    normal soon. Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. Nice book Ian, Kev also told me he has my booty today so plenty of reading before blog con now

    1. Hooray! Another successful delivery! That makes 3 for 3 to the UK.

  3. Ian, hope you get back up to speed soon.

    Great that Goetz made it unscathed. As for an Austerlitz primer, Castle's Austerlitz is good too.

    Enjoy the book!

  4. Hope you are feeling better soon
    Peace James

  5. I do hope you're feeling a bit brighter soon.

  6. Life takes over sometimes Ian, enjoy the book!

  7. Whatever you do, don't push yourself through some mistaken obligation to post frequently. We're not going away, we're just laying in ambush. Be well and enjoy the books.

  8. @ Spooky, now the rain is coming down in droves I feel a bit better LOL

    @ Andrew not many more sleeps till blog con :-)

    @ Jonathan, I am sure I will enjoy it. Started the primer.

    @ James, well mostly yes though breaking my nose at work yesterday seems not to have been the best move now I stop to think about it.

    @ Michael, much brighter today thanks

    @ Ray, It does indeed, but it was good to get back to the painting desk last night

    @ Peter, In many ways I am much better than three months ago and a hundred times better than two years. I have learnt to watch for the signs and mostly spot them. Looking forward to a reasonably relaxed weekend as the weather is supposed to be fairly dire so can camp at the painting desk.

    @ Fran, Less of the old ya bugger :-)