Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Orc Test Figure and First Wolf

Funny how things work out. First I get the urge to paint up some Fantasy figures then Jonathan sends me over some excellent figures and to top it all Cath and my sister get talking roleplaying and I have a a roleplay group of six players! It's been too long since I last GM'ed so I am really happy to get the chance. So at the moment I am thinking up scenario idea's and working on a start point whilst sending out colour e-mails for background and help them get used to the world I am running (a fusion of Middle Earth and Wheel of Time). So whilst doing this I thought I would have a go at painting a test model. I really am not sure if I should go green for the orc's or should I have the brown red of the LOTR's type? At the moment I am favouring a mix of both, with the colour showing the difference between common orcs and the fighting Uruk-Hai, comments are most welcome on this.

I have a number of these Game Workshop orcs with a mix of weapons but the same basic stance. It's not the best casting out there for orc's that's for sure but he will do.

I used my usual way of basing figures, after all it was originally thought up for 28mm. I have also added a tuft which I had treated to a dip in the flocking powder, somehow I felt it would add a nice diversion to the brute I had placed on the base.

The spine is somewhat medically imposable but paints up nice. Overall I would not rate the figure highly but it painted up quickly and along with his mates should supply some early battle action for the new PC's about to mix it up with them. It should be an interesting campaign given that 50% of the players are female.

So expect to see more monsters and adventurers passing over my painting table over the months to come, the good news for those who are not fans of Fantasy is that I like to mix in a certain amount of historical background in my roleplaying so expect to see some familiar periods getting a nod.

I also tried out painting up a wolf that has been sitting at the bottom of my mountain for years now. I have a total of eight figures so you can expect the rest to be done in a rush at some point.

As you can see it's a fairly basic paint job but I like the result and lets face it I won't want to spend hours on a bunch of background figures. These are Timber Wolves from Vendel Miniatures though I understand they have been bought out and go under a new name.


  1. Basic?!? They look darn good Ian. Good luck with your campaign.


  2. Very nice Ian, I have some fantasy stuff that I may be doing shortly.

  3. People can get real heated up about the colour of Orcs. There are the purists who insist on brown and can get quite nasty about a green Orc. I let the sculpt dictate the colour. This guy you have here is more "cartoony" and I think the green looks good on him. He does need more depth of colour and highlighting though. I would wash him with Secret Weapon Green or better yet Secret Weapon Algae. Then start adding yellow to your green in small amounts to bring up your highlights. It doesn't take much to make these guys pop. I like the basing on him a lot.

    I think the wolf looks excellent!! So glad to see someone painting RPG figures as it gets a bit lonely out here at times on my own.

  4. Oh superb! I love them both, but that wolf is particularly successful.

  5. Both of these are super duper fun. Love the colors, on both. Yesterday at work I iced a cake in a similar green. So fun.

    I want to paint the Weeping Angels.

  6. great work on one of my fave Orc sculpts

  7. I really like to wolf, you've done a great job of bringing out the texture.


  8. Very nice, but I really love the way you painted the wolf, well done ol' chap!

  9. Great painted figures! But that wolf is panted fantastic!

    About painting Orcs, I've painted mine with GW Dark Angels Green and a GW Devlan Mud Wash. You can see the result here:
    I think it's just a matter of taste, how to paint them.


  10. Who doesn't like some fantasy, nicely done Ian.

  11. @ Sebastien, thanks on both counts though for Fantasy I think they are fairly basic

    @ Andrew, would that be Oldhammer influence? Looking forward to seeing them

    @ Anne, thanks for the tips, will have to try that, are the colours GW or another supplier? I agree about looking cartooney though I did not think about it until you mentioned it

    @ Michael, cheers, the wolf is my favourite as well

    @ Spooky, weeping angels? I feel a google search is required.

    I will be nipping over to your hubbies blog to purchase some of his roleplay adventures, can you recommend anything for a mostly green team?

    Even though the 0-4 start the last game was good fun to watch and I can take a bad season after so many good ones.

    @ James, well you will get to see a few more variants before I am done

    @ Palaba, cheers, another fun paint

    @ FMB, thanks, I have seven more I need to get something like :-)

    @ Ray, cheers, the wolf seems very popular

    @ Peter, thanks for the link, I will nip over for a look see

    @ Fran, well I was a bit worried it would not go down too well if the majority want just historical but this post has had a lot more hits than average