Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Prussian 6mm Artillery by Adler

Nine days into October and only just putting up the last of the Prussians finished in September. With these I am finally ahead of target on all the Prussians, though I really need to get on with more gun's to stay ahead I suppose.

The two things I take the least pleasure in doing is painting guns and horse's furniture. I guess that makes these a bit of a pain then. Being truly honest they did paint up rather well with a lot less bother than I expected. Well sculpted lines made them easier to paint whilst cutting the over extended axles back made the gun's look very much more like I think they should do. All that said I think once I have all my guns painted up from Adler I will just grab the fully cast ones Baccus offer just because they are so much easier to get on with. 

As you can see the limbers are great models and I can highly recommend them but they are fiddly. Those tiny wheels are a bit of a paint to fit but the end result was well worth it if your prepared for the extra time and effort you need to put into Adler if you want the best results.

I just hope the blue on the limbers and guns will be acceptable as it seems every source I have looked at has given me a different shade making me plumb for a colour I most liked. I am starting to favour a more sparse grass finished base. Strange as I have always thought these looked the least realistic, such is the irony of my hobby.

Here we have the guns deployed ready to give some out to the French, hopefully they will do terrible when they take the field for Waterloo as I will be playing as the French. The great thing about guns and crews is that they don't really take much time to paint them up and so you can get results really quick.

So that's four guns and two limbers all ready for the big game, this gives me eight guns (four batteries) done so far. So the Prussians are coming along nicely though the four Hussar Regiments are now parked more than half way through waiting a chance back at the front of the queue as I have moved onto another couple of projects. The good news is I should get one more unit off the table tonight. Good job really as the Leven Buildings for my giveaway have arrived along with shall he say a few others  ;-)

Catch you later, I have a box with my name on it.


  1. I can't believe we are so far into October already. I feel like Halloween is whooshing by too fast. Way too fast.

    Good work on your painting. Well done and have fun.

  2. Good job Ian, the artillery blue looks great! I think the same myself at times when doing artillery. Impossible to know.

  3. Limber color looks good to me. My least favorite items to paint are limbers with teams and I tend to procrastinate on getting them done. You have my sympathy.

  4. Looking good Ian, the blue looks spot on to me. Thanks for the tips you left on my blog about starting out with 6mm, very useful.

  5. I did one set of limbers in 15mm and almost killed myself. No way I could do this at 6mm. I think the sparse ground looks good especially if you consider that an army has been tearing across the landscape.

  6. Excellent work, I envy your level of detail

  7. @ Spooky, The whole year has been like that for me. Six months since I went back to work and it's flashed past

    @ Paulalba, great to get the nod from you. I was really surprised that your work was 18mm looks really good for 28 so yes do take the complement ;-)

    @ Jonathan, well at least mine are only 6mm, the ones I got for Secret Santa last year were French and because they were gifts from a fellow gamer the whole thing was far more fun than normal.

    @ Peter, Happy to help, seems like I have been painting 6mm forever but it's only really been the last two and a half years I have done any quality work

    @ Phil, Thanks

    @ Anne, Good point on the well trampled fields, your 15mm was great work and I think harder than 6mm, you should try them sometime, in fact I could send you a load......... ;-)

    @ Dartfrog, good light and glasses are what you need LOL