Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Fantasy Update, It's About a Dwarf

With the Fantasy figures for the players in the upcoming game (Wednesday!) I like to think of them as Commissions and as such try and get the figures to match their exact requests whilst at the same time trying to add what I think will make them a better looking mini. 

This is all well and good IF the person you are painting for is at home with it and do not have very set ideas on how the figure wood look. For the Dwarf I had quite specific instructions, lots of dark colours, grubby looking with red/brown hair.

My main concern was that a lack of light in the figure would end up making the result look too dark given the size of the figure. As such I tried for a more medium finish but when this was rejected only went a few shades down. The owner was still not happy and another repainting of the trousers and tunic brought it to the lighter end of dark with a few washes on the trousers to dull them down further.

The end result on the cloths left the owner rather happy and I could move on to the hair which I started off a really dark brown and brought it up through four highlighting stages by adding oranges to the brown. The end result gives it some depth and rather than being a red head looks to be red brown as requested. I mostly used the last highlight on the lower parts of beard and hair as well as the moustache and eyebrows. 

I finally gave up on the eyes after re-doing them more than ten times, he will just have to put up with a wall eye ;-)

This is an old character from previous gaming, he comes along with a pony and dog. I so happened to have a pack horse so will paint that up over the next few weeks but the old dog model has disappeared so I bought this old fellow at Derby a few weekends ago and painted him up last night. I will say no more about him until after the first session or two.
Anyone worried that this is all I have been doing can relax. I also have a 6mm Hussar Regiment to show off tomorrow, this is the first of the new Baccus Cavalry and the other three are well on their way and should be sorted fairly soon though I am trying to get the last two character figures finished before the first session in just two painting sessions time.

I have also started on all the gunners and three French Infantry battalions I want finished this month as well as getting started on those Zulu's. Once I have enough figures painted for the adventurers I can ease off a little though I still need to get more of the monsters painted ready for future games but once we get to playing just once a month the pressure on these will drop back further.


  1. This dwarf is looking fantastic...but he should educate his dog! Great work!

  2. That is a great looking dwarf Ian!

  3. Nice, I like the dwarf and his patterned tunic trim. The pooch is cute too!

  4. That is a very nice and characterful Dwarf there and a good palette.

  5. @ Phil, Thank's but THAT dog will never behave

    @ Michael, Cheers, went through a few changes till it was JUST as it was wanted.

    @ Scotty, Thank's, was fun to do

    @ Scott, That pooch is NOT cute believe me ;-)

    @ Panzer, Well the owner has to take the complement on the pallet, it's a great looking Dwarf, mind you the Darksword Miniatures I have bought also have loads of character