Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 5 October 2013

Building of the Week - Double Header

Don't pay attention to the title it's a con I tell you. So up to now you have had painted buildings every week even if they sometimes had been painted months ago at least I had just based them. But today all you get is some prepped bits, so what gives?

Here we have the Total Battle Miniatures Spanish Hill Village which costs £35 which when you consider it comes with eight buildings and the base tile is not a bad price at all. I actually got this in a trade at last years World Wargame Championships so it's way beyond time I got this out of the draw and onto the table. I have done all the prep and just need to start work on the lot.

These have great texture so I should be able to add a little detail as I go. They are not as crisp as Timecast or Leven but they have charm of their own for sure. I have painted up quite a few TBM buildings and they seem to be the larger end of the 6mm scale, almost look like they were designed with Adler in mind. Not that I think I will have a problem with them sitting alongside my Timecast. I have yet to get any of the Leven Spanish buildings so can't comment. I have a further three TBM small buildings to paint up on top of the eight for this project so it may be awhile before I get the Leven ones unless I et them sent for me to paint up.

The base has a lot of detail with stone bridge like ramps into the town and some wall sections around the town at several points. Looks a real pain to assault so I hope I will be defending it! Given that the buildings lift out and TBM's use set sizes I will be able to swap out the Spanish and replace with European if desired.

So for the next month or so don't expect many (if any) finished building posts, instead we can have a work in progress series of posts as I tackle the whole of the project.

Next up we have one of several purchases that was purposely left out of the Derby post as I wanted to feature them in their own place.

This was sold as Aspen - Essling Church but I have my doubts after looking at images of the Church. Also all four sections that look to be add on's to the church actually have their own doors, even the rounded one I have put against the church.

This does give it a possible second use but I doubt I will use it for anything but an add on. I would be interested in finding out who actually made the buildings as I am assuming they are either no longer made or are not available to buy in the UK under normal trading.

Does the image above help? The guy selling them said he had more stashed away at home but could root them out, seems he has had them years but did not own the rights to make new ones. Something about buying the figure range from someone and the total stock but not the moulds in the case of the buildings.

I have a building very similar to this in 28mm, I think it's a Hovels but bought it forever ago. Shame it's got the damage but I can live with that. These will be added to all the other buildings in my queue but being part done in effect I can see them getting some early attention. Meanwhile I await that list. Lee spotted the Granary for Essling and grabbed that, it's a beast that has to be said.


  1. They look very nice and I could imagine Sharpe in the barn

  2. That church is more like Plancenoit than aspern Ian

  3. They really are rather splendid Ian.

  4. The Spanish hill village should paint up real nice.

  5. Love the Spanish village set, should look pretty cool with a lick of paint!

  6. Panzar Kaput, well it's a fair sized project and I am hoping Sharpe stays away as I am the French ;-)

    @ Andrew, that would be much better for when Lee decides we are doing THAT part of Waterloo campaign as well. I will check it out though so thanks for the tip.

    @ Michael, I hope I can do the project justice

    @ Phyllion, I hope so, I think I have a firm idea on how to do the base

    @ Ray, I want it to mirror my bases so could be a challenge