Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Dave D's Gift

Some of you will already have seen these lovely painted figures that Dave D gave me and the kids a few weeks ago. I did not want to show them on my blog until they had been submitted to the Painting Challenge or shown up on Dave's own blog.

Dave on hearing that my son was pushing for a shotgun guy to be painted up by dad, was very kind and painted up not one but two guys with the most formidable weapon. Dave of course did not stop there as he also provided the guy in the middle. 

I really like this guy, that goaty is just brilliant. The colours and stance really go well together and I hope I can learn something from Dave's style.

This guy though, well he is sure to be part of my posse for sure. He is so striking and looks as hard as nails. Not that I have actually had a chance to play yet as the kids get all the action.

This guy is just plain mean, don't let the wavy hair fool you, he has gunned down defenceless opponents in each game he has been used!!

All three setting off for some mischief I suspect, I still have the figures I bought off Dave to paint up but they are at least on the table ready to go. So again a big thanks to Dave, I owe you a beer at Spring Con


  1. A superbly painted and generous Gift

  2. Excellent work, especially the first guy for me too!

  3. A very generous gift from Dave and what great figures.

  4. Cheers Ian. yes i had mr wavy hair down as an all round bad un!!

  5. A very nice looking group. The goatee is terrific.

  6. Nice set of western figs! Don't feel bad, my kids have pretty much monopolized my western figs since I've painted them!
    At least they occasionally let me roll a few dice from time to time! ;)

  7. @ Andrew, sure is

    @ Phil, you have good taste

    @ Tamsin, spot on the kids are still jazzed

    @ Dave, You mean he was painted in a bad light? :-)

    @ Baconfat, a classic goatee

    @ David, I painted mine up with the kids in mind, Lee want's to play with them, not sure the kids will let him LOL