Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Project Waterloo, The French by the Numbers

Whilst I was pulling the units for the Quatre Bras playtest I thought I may as well check out what I have ready for the Waterloo game and of course from that work out what I still have to do. Best start with the French as I am in happy street for the Prussians.

I have painted up as French (excluding the 12+ battalions not painted as French)

37 Line Battalions
10 Light Battalions
11 Hussar Regiments
6 Chasseurs Regiments
1 Lancer Regiment
5 Dragoon Regiments
5 Cuirassier Regiments
24 Guns and crews
8 Limbers
13 command bases

This leaves me a shortfall of 
15 Line Battalions
10 Light Battalions
3 Lancer Regiments
1 Cuirassier Regiments
4 guns
5 command bases

Given I have five Line Battalions almost finished on the table and four guns and crews already painted but needing basing I am not at all in bad shape.

I only have 12 battalions of Baccus castings but have others on order which will surpass the shortage though I also have them covered by Adler castings.

Lancers I will get from Baccus with the infantry but again have these covered by Adler

The Cuirassiers will be Adler castings I have in hand and I also have the command bases already part painted so need to just finish these off.

The Prussians are even closer to being ready so from a figure standpoint I am very comfortable. Lee is not that far behind me, though many of his still require basing but we have 13 months left before we hit the early deadline it's fair to say we are confident on reaching the goal we set nearly two years ago.

I am planning on cracking on with getting these all finished off and surpassing the target, after all we have plenty of other battles to fight that make Waterloo look a bit on the small side.

Friday saw more talking than fighting and we got to discuss further the terrain for the battle. Due to the Waterloo game not needing to travel Lee is greatly in favour of doing just three boards for the game. That is three 6x6 foot boards! This means the length has been stretched by two foot to the original plan but allows more ground for the Prussians to be in play. Lee wants to also lay a 2 foot deep set of boards behind the main table to allow further line up and thus have more play area but I am hoping I can convince him the extra 32 square foot of board is excessive, after all we will have 96 square foot of table as it is! So if you know someone who would want these boards when we are finished, they may well be for sale soon after the game. 


  1. Good God man there is one hell of a lot done, completed, finished and talk about breaking the back, you have demolished it. Well done that man, well actually the pair of you.

    1. We still have a lot in process but we have 13 months and that is plenty of time so yes it's a fun place to be right now


  2. Wow, that is an incredible achievement already Ian.

    1. Thanks Michael, though it won't really register until we get the boards out and lay out the troops, that will be something for sure!


  3. Good progress... But blimey 6 foot square boards!... Might be difficult to offload those.

    1. True, but have you heard of Lee actually letting anything go LOL

      The reason behind the boards is that we won't be moving them around shows, I reckon we have a whole session just putting the armies out in their starting positions!!