Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Welcome Return of Building of the Week

Last few weeks have conspired against me to make sure the building of the week has missed it's slot so today I come at you with two of the new Leven offerings.

The first one up is one of the newly released products, this one DAM01 Damaged House at £2.50 and it's a pleasing little wreck of a building and should be popular with the more modern gamer.
It's a gem with some nice detail built into the building but with the level of damage and style of building looks to be suited just to WWII and onwards though maybe also WWI though I think that is a bit of a push.

As I am often saying of Leven, it's got good texture so is easy to work on and paints up reasonably quickly. I like how the tiles end in a realistic stepped fashion whilst on the other side it's more abrupt. Roof beams also poke out of the tiles and can be worked on to show burnt sections etc.

The tiles pick out nicely and the wall section that has fallen into the wreckage was a great touch. More derbies can be added to the interior or the exterior if you mount the building for a more complete finish but it finishes as is fell enough.

I have added nothing but paint to this rendition as it's for Mike to display though I have a gun battery I want to be cut loose with. I would really like to see more of these collapsed buildings adding to the range as I think they add a great deal to the table and would love to see a few for each period or collection, I guess that will depend to some extent on the success of the two he has released.

Next up is a yet to be released building, the Shotgun Shack for the ACW collection though it will also wok all the way to modern and Zombie Apocalypse. It's a fairly straight forward  model to paint though I used a few washes for added effect. The bricks with Nuln Oil and the cream or ivory slat panelled walls with a heavily watered down Sepia wash.

Again this is for Mike and is fairly close to the images he sent. As all the others Mike does not want these on bases so nothing to really set them off. Not that I am unhappy with them, not at all but it does mean I could get both finished in a morning of painting. I only have five more to do from start and one to finish off the buildings supplied to paint. As for my building,s well I still have far more than in sane but that's me.

Next week expect to see a few of my buildings finished as we get closer to the Quatre Bras game but I have at last also started the work on the train layout that I have been sent to get on the go. This I will do a progress report on as it's a good few sessions.


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    1. Thanks, I did a lot more work on three more last night so feel comfortable for the week ahead.

      I seem to be more up for painting now than at points in the challenge so no burn out here