Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 20 March 2014

Post Birthday Recap

OK the Painting Challenge has now come to an end and we can all take a break if we wish and I guess think and blog about other things. I'm not painting anything tonight, simply because I am off out to celebrate a couple of mates Birthdays, oh and mine too  ;-)

I always get either a lot of hobby related stuff or money, well this year it's been a bumper crop. I just thought I should brag blog about it and say a big thank you to all my family who have plied me with goodies.

Three ASL scenario packs, one with a map board. Also on the way is an Action Pack that has a bunch of scenarios and several of the new shaped boards which are always fun to get.

A rather thick tomb I picked up at Heroes with the birthday money I took along given before the event  ;-)

Proper brush cleaning soap which I believe is really good and much better than the liquid one I have which I suspect is doing more harm than good. Why bother you ask? A clue at the top of the image.

The luxury gift that Cath got with the soap was four Series 7 Winsor & Newton brushes ranging between 1 and 000, have yet to paint with them but I have had one out of the tube and it's got a great balance. Really looking forward to trying them in anger. I just need to make a few changes to my paint rack for position then I will get at them. I still have a few new Rosemary & Co brushes and will continue to use them as they are great brushes but I really wanted to try these as well. I think they won't make up the bulk of my painting time but will be used for all the fine work and finishing.

I also have some cold hard cash which in part needs spending on some new paints as I am running down on a few and want to look for some more different colours. I also will be splashing on more Baccus when the infantry come out and need more bases and.....

Lets just hope I have some left in time for Trilpes.


  1. Excellent loot! The WN Series 7 brushes are tops and Anatomy of Glory is a GREAT book.

  2. Have a great night out and Happy Birthday! I like the look of the brushes!

    1. You always like other peoples brushes mate, nice haul though Ian, very spoiled!

  3. I got one of those Series 7 brushes a while back and they are the best brush I have used.

  4. Happy Birthday and some great time !

  5. Thanks to all of you. Of course the night out was not too rough given that I can't drink but still had fun and can't wait to break in all those new toys