Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Stocking Up on Black Tree Miniatures

Just before jetting off to one of the hotspots in the UK for last weekend I took delivery of a small order from Black Tree as they had a 35% off German WWII and I knew I would be selling down on a lot of my snipers and had orders for more of the Russians in snow smocks so it was a good excuse to buy. Service was quicker than ever with them arriving within two days of order, another tale of good service to add to the previous good experiences.

I have painted all of these Russians before except possibly bottom row second on the left and bottom right. Good looking figures all that will paint up rather nice and not a bad pose between them. Though I plan to have a short break on painting these up as I have missed the 6mm I know these figures will draw me back to them.

By comparison the German's in greatcoats have never graced my desk and I am less impressed with the figures. Once they are cleaned up and undercoated I have a feeling I will like them more but a few of them have shortened rifles where the metal has failed to get to the ends of the mould which takes a little off them but at least they should be fairly fast to paint up.

I also ordered something else that I can not show on the blog until it has been reviled in one of the roleplaying sessions as I would hate to spoil the surprise.

On the subject of surprises I have been coming home from work expecting a nice sized package from Baker Company as the last figures were quoted as going out on Monday as Gavin now has a working casting machine. Well if your still waiting then it may well be that Gavin is yet to send out as the date has ended up being a little early. I had an e-mail tonight in reply to one I had just sent asking about my figures letting me know they will be sent out tomorrow so I hope to see them Monday if the wind is in the right direction. Of course I will show them off here.


  1. I may get some great coat Germans in the future...I did like a $200 buy about 2 years ago when they had one of the 50% off sales....I went nuts...

  2. Not good reading that you have not had your kick starter figures Ian

  3. There are some nice poses on the Black Tree figures, they should look pretty goodwith a lick of paint!

  4. Jocke reported that our Baker figures arrived yesterday, now we just need to get together to split up the loot.

  5. @ Styx, My next big purchase from them will be a 50% sale, I don't think I will get any more in the meantime, but I have said that before.

    @ Andrew, well Gavin had a lot of issues and the project was very generous, I should get them on Monday, Tuesday at the very latest, fingers crossed.

    @ Ray, hope you are right, though less convinced but they will get to the table sometime soon(ish)

    @ Thomas, The splitting of the loot is usually fun, enjoy. I am rather looking forward to getting them and looking through them. Lee has had his a few months now but it's been for ever since I last visited so have not had a good look at his