Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Not the last post on 6mm this week, but the last on 6mm figures. Yet more spares from the Adler bargain that needed a little help becoming full battalions. In this case Voltigeurs and command figures, but I did not have enough Adler skirmishers to kit out all four battalions with four figures a base so made do with just three on them with one even having to do without!

The Voltigeurs were painted pre-challenge so had to wait three months for me to finally finish them whilst the command is made up of five figures, two colour sergeants, a drummer, office and standard bearer. By finishing off these loose ends I was able to get a total of seventeen battalions finished in the three months of the challenge.

That's a good chunk towards the Waterloo requirements and by the early part of next week I should have another five finished that I have on the table at the moment. Not actually sure exactly what I need to still do but I have to prepare my troops for what I hope is the last Quatre Bras practice game based on the final tweaks before we turn our attention to putting the Austrian, Prussian and Russian stats to the test for our rules. 

This will be the first full dress rehearsal for the Joy of Six though Lee has some unfinished bases awaiting the skirmish elements adding and I will have to use one base of figures from Lee, but for all purpose this is finished except maybe a few tweaks and maybe a few more buildings being painted up. 

That's quite a good feeling but if we were not at the point we are at the moment alarm bells may have to have sounded as we would have to be behind for Project Waterloo which is well on track even if the boards have yet to be started. Not that I am worried as Lee has shown how fast he can do those boards.


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    1. Thanks Ray, well I painted some of them LOL


  2. We must Haagen a game with these...they look ace.

    1. Slap forehead and laugh.

      Well at Joy of Six we could do with a hand if your doing nothing that day, started the playtest last night and plan to play through to a conclusion