Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 3 May 2012

100th Post and April, How Was It?

100th post, that snuck up on me! In all honesty if you had asked me how many posts I had done I would not have a clue. My ASL post is a couple more than that, OK a couple of Hundred but over the last four months this blog gets the lions share of posts. Though the word count is possibly about the same over that time period. So a big thanks to all that have put up with me this far and lets see where it takes us.

But how about April. Well my April Fools just backfired with no one taking the bait. Shame really as I thought it was rather a funny old one. The next two weeks saw me hardly posting, hardly visiting other blogs and over all really doing nothing, painting, reading etc. all replaced by well not a lot! So surprise surprise visits were very low in deed. The surprise then was the last week of April saw so many visits that I ended the month up on March by about 30 visits and the best month to date. I have great hopes for May.

The Elephant I did not paint.
Painting wise it was obviously a fairly poor month. I have failed to finish the Japanese for the Sniper project, finally they are on their bases waiting for me to finish up. This will be done over the next 5-10 days depending on how well the first ones go. They have been hard figures to paint and the basing is a real challenge, though I am looking forward to it. The picture above is the painted Elephant Martin gave me amongst all the Seleucid figures, other figures are also painted. All I needed to do was remove it from it's original base and whilst it still needs some repair work it is almost ready to go. May looks to be much better for the painting as I have so much stuff almost at the point of being done. Ironically April was to end with a friend asking if I wanted to help with work on over 8,000 28mm Naps. Not the full paint job but finishing and basing. I have said yes and that really has got me in the mindset that I need to step up a gear with my stuff, after all with three people working on the figures it's a lot of work. At least it's not in the next few weeks.

I am really happy with the feedback regarding the none figure content. The ECW and the Obscure features are fun to include but only really work if others are interested in it.I already have an idea for C but to do it properly I need to put more work into it so we will see if I can fit it in fully.

Followers. Picked up a few last month which is really nice. I look at the number some of the blogs have and it's amazing but these tend to be older well established blogs and also blogs that put out regular and interesting clobber. An exception to this is Wargaming Girl, no not because she  does not post interesting  and regular posts (don't you start waving those pitchforks my way!) but because it's a fairly new blog (started well after mine) and has over tipple my membership. It gets a post a day just under and Tamsin happens to write well and is funny as well. If you don't follow already here she is. I look forward to hitting 50 followers and at that point will do another Giveaway unless of course I hit 10,000 visits and then I will do the Giveaway then.


  1. I'm confused by the April Fools shenanigans but that's not hard, we need to pimp you out mate!

  2. Congrats on the 100 post!! I haven't a clue how many I've had?? I've been enjoying your little unusual history posts, it all adds to the wargaming pot, like Fran said, we'll pimp you out a bit, it may help!!
    I'm off to find your April Fools day post, to see what I missed!?!

  3. Will certainly 'big you up' across the way as it were and I’m afraid I with Angry on the April Fools. I guessed it was a joke but couldn't be a 100% sure. I assumed at that scale you wouldn't be painting the buttons!

  4. Ian - your history posts were very useful and entertaining.

    I was trying to remember what the April Fool's was - had to look back. Once I saw it again I did remember thinking "Hang on a sec, it's 1 April isn't it?"

    I really wish I knew how I'd got so many followers so quickly. Like the others, I'll have a go at pimping your blog so that you can get some more

  5. just one more comment just to say: keep your motivation. Your history posts are good and I enjoy them, even though I don't always post a comment ;)

  6. Thanks for the as usual nice words, seems strange sometimes as in the flesh people tend to throw bottles and bricks at me ;-)

    Pimping would be nice but not expected. I was not really moaning as I am having a blast. I have to say though that it's a good job I like Tamsin's blog LOL.

    I can see why you have done so well in such a short period of time and I touched on it in the post. Your more regular than a kid full of laxative, you really tell a story with your WIP posts and it's great to see you going through those early stages of FoG. Yes no doubt being one of them women types will have helped a little getting people to take a look but the page views are what counts and is a real measure of your blogs attractiveness.

    The April fools was two fold, Buttons on 6mm and Oliver Crowell being Jewish!

    On the subject of comments, you lot are a talkative bunch, my ASL blog kicks this one to touch with followers and visits but this baby gets far more comments and I thank you all for that.


  7. The Obscure History will certainly keep me coming here - I love that sort of stuff :)

  8. I''m the 49th followed, you're almost there.

  9. Tamisin is good and really knows her stuff. I just started painting figures and most of the gamers who follow me do so anonymously and those guys never comment. I think I'm going to have to paint a nude to draw them out of hiding.