Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 7 May 2012

Two Wheels On My Wagon and I'm Just........

Anyone else hate that song? One of two things I remember from music lessons at school is THAT song and holding books with outstretched arms at shoulder height. Yep my singing IS that bad.

Three of the Four

Any hoots, that's not why we are here. In the continuing mission to get my Persians re-based to FoG I have also rebased the Scythed Chariots, well 4 of them anyway as FoG only allow me 4 and I own 6 so I am thinking two may get rebased and sent to E-Bay along with the extra Kardrakes. I painted these guys years ago and in a couple of cases the superglue holding the chariots together had aged and some repair work was required.

Close up of the Blue Chariot, these are all Museum Miniature's and at the time was the best scythed chariots out there. Has that changed in the last 30 years? They are a little big for the base size allowed so they hang a little over the back of the base but I can live with that.

As per my Smiley Hoplite I could not resist the opportunity for some fun. One of my riders really needs someone sitting next to him.

Well he seems to be doing better than this guy. The idea to crash a chariot was due to part of the model being broken on receipt. So I used the knife to break a few more bits, buckle the wheels and snap the odd spoke. The real challenge was re-doing the smash for the new base. Several parts had come away in storage and it was difficult to get it all back together.

You don't see as well as I would like but the Persian under the wheels is not doing a service and has one arm almost snapped off. I was a nasty boy.

I like what FoG have done with Scythed Chariots, the idea of them being removed if they don;t break through seems a good balance between what came before (stay till die) and reality (the rider jumped before it hit it's first target so would never get more than one charge). Yet to see how they play out in battle. I have now got a fair few options with this army making it hard for Lee to select the right army to face it. So Lee when next?

Talking of Battles, I have another Impetus Battle with Barry booked for Thursday. Celts V Dacian so I am not sure why we are bothering sticking around after setting the loonies up. AAR and pics to follow as usual.


  1. your crashed chariots is simply excellent

  2. Wonderful post, loved the crashed chariot and the 'L Plate'. :D

  3. Great stuff, love the L plate!!!

  4. The crashing chariot is inspired work. Very original.

  5. looks like you were having genuine fun!

  6. Great work Ian and looking forward to AAR!

  7. Awesome. Action snap shot of chariot destruction. Great work.

  8. Thanks all, yes it was fun to do at the time, especialy as it converted a damaged model into a nice looking piece.

    The L Plate was just me not taking it too seariously, but it's small enough not to distract.



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