Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Numidian Light Cavalry

All three looking for trouble.

Part of the very recent finishing spree was three units of Numidian Light Cavalry in 20mm and based for Impetus. Right behind finishing them was an e-mail from Harfield's informing me the balance of my order is now in stock and would cost just over £20. So a complete army for about £40. Of course I say this with tongue pushed firmly in cheek as we all know they are never complete but at least it's complete for now.

I found these a joy to paint, possibly because the low levels of flash or possibly down to the lack of much furniture on the horses and little more to paint on the riders. This meant easy to clean and fast to paint. Either way I enjoyed the exercise and looking forward to yet more.

The PVA pooled in the centre of the bases keeping away from the edges so needs a thicker application on the edges which I will do when finishing off the next batch. Tried to add clumps of pale grass but the finish is too random so I think it will be removed as adding enough to make it work would be too much work. The shield with the women with raised hands is of the Carthaginian Goddess of fertility Tanit, the Numedians adopted the Carthaginian Gods which seemed rather civil of them.

I like this shot that Cath took, brings out the Miniature Paints 84 Chestnut Brown really well (inked with Vallejo 73.200 Sepia Shade as is the tunics. The hardest to get right was the flesh tone, I used Coat d'arms 216 Negro but then washed a watered down version with enough white in it to show through when washed on. This gave a little depth and added definition. Sadly that does not come through on the pictures.

I also like this shot with a unit in the distance. Cath wanted to show off the detail of the tunics and this pic comes closest to showing some of that flesh tone I was banging on about.  I also feel compelled to inform you that my dear wife was unimpressed by the lack of gender of my horses, seemed rather put out, should I be worried?


  1. Nice trrops!!! And "Yes" to the worried Mrs question!!

  2. Hhm? That should have been troops!!! That's my fat fingers for ya!

  3. No worries as she's just a girl and what do they know and Ray has a fat head as well! Good figures by the way!

  4. Nice figures- pity my Romans will slaughter them !
    The horses are mares btw.
    One very small point [ you know what a pedant I can be]. I understand you are modeling a Mauri-Numidian army of the very late Republican, early Imperial era. It is very unlikely the Numidians still worshipped Punic deities after the fall of Carthage. The Goddess on the shield is more likely to be the Berber Godess Ifri.

  5. Very nicely done and great photography too; you really get a feel for the thundering of the hooves! Top work all round!

  6. @Fran, if Ray had said the Mrs was right you would have said she was wrong so I am not sure I can count your opinion LOL

    @Barry, You probably are right, those Romans are tough. I need to tinker with how to play them a lot before I expect them to do much.

    Well I looked up Numidian Gods and the image on the shield fits with Tanit so I have to guess he has his Grandad's old shield ;-)

    @Michael, thanks I have passed it on, she loves a bit of a compliment that's for sure


  7. Those cavalry are very nice indeed. But why worry about, oh wait yes be worried.