Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Lists Are Bad Things!!!!!

A recent blogger was unwise enough to do a list of current projects that need attention, he even said it was a bad idea. Now take my advice and DON'T DO IT.

Last night I decided I was too flaked to paint and with Triples around the corner it may well be an idea to see just what I have against what I need.

Currently I am working on 15mm Ancients, 15mm ECW, 6mm Napoleonic, 20mm Ancients in plastic, and 28mm WWII. Three other periods are under consideration, Gladiators probably in 28mm and Fantasy Role playing (after too long away) and last of all 15mm Orc and Goblin army that was given to me last year.

Numbers, it always comes down to numbers so here we go

15mm Ancients
Phalangites x 218 figures to go with the two blocks already done, though 64 figs get priority.
Peltasts x 16
Companion Cav x 12
Agema Cav x 12
Thracian Infantry x 40 figs
Command x 9 figs
Persian Cav x 16 figs (8 more needed at Triples)
Camels and riders x10 ( 2 more required, again Triples)
Elephants x 5 with crew
Cataphracts x 38
Skythian Cav x 8 (to base with others as Cav not LH)
Taratine Cav x 12
Galatian Cav x 15
Archers x 48 (base as Medium Inf)
Persian Bow x 8

15mm ECW
Single Regiment of Foote x 20 figs.
Once the 15mm or 10mm direction is decided then I will look to add some new Horse and Foote Regiments to the 15mm or Sell the lot. Meanwhile I am re-basing the lot. More on that on a later post.

15mm Orcs and Goblins
Infantry x 150
Warg Riders x 5
Chariot x 1
Dragon rider x 1

6mm French Naps
Foot x 396 figs
Cav x 54 figs
Generals x 9 figs
Guns and Crews x 4

28mm WWII
Ever growing list!! I started the post with about 20 left to do but another 12 arrived through the post!

20mm Ancients
Dacian Infantry Conversions x 96
Roman Deserter Cav x 12
Another few hundred on order.

As I said above, lists are not a good idea. I also have four projects on the painting desk at the moment, three of them just requiring base work and 12 Numedian LC that I just had to start as they look really nice, these are close to being finished.

After all this madness it's time for me to pimp someone else's blog, That being Diary of a Infrequent Wargamer. He has just hit 30 followers but should have more. Like me once he hits 50 he plans a giveaway. So if you like good painting, varied topics and good writing then nip over for a gander. 


  1. So what are you buying at the show then? Surely you don't need anymore unpainted lead????
    What a stupid question.....of course you do!!!!!!

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. What I should have said is that it has become busy round here! Silly typo, but it had to be removed. Anyway, lists are certainly a curse, but it's when you starting making lists of lists that you really need to worry!

  4. I know how you feel, it would cost me a fortune to buy the figures to finish all my stalled projects.

  5. Lists, lists, lists - dontcha juss luv 'em?


    I do have a list in my head of my projects, but not in any order for most of them. Once I've got the 24 Sarmatians and my Scythians done, it's onto my 30YW project, with the odd SF unit mixed into the schedule to help keep my mojo going.

    Then it will be onto some SF projects with the last few Sarmatians (and maybe extra 30YW units?) to keep the mojo ticking over. After that, who knows?

  6. A list will be one of my next posts. :-) gotta love a list

  7. ...and thanks for the pimping! (should have started with that really)


  8. I am regretting doing a list, if only because it makes justifying more purchases harder for a while!

  9. I actually never make lists...

  10. Lists oh no ,not going there .. too scary...

  11. sometimes I write a list of projects I have started, or made purchase towards a some-day start- it is scary!

  12. my problem is that when I make a list and compare it to everyone else's I feel I need to buy more. something I am not finnancialy able to do.

  13. Good luck ticking off complete for ya list. :)

  14. @ Ray, More Persian HC, a couple of camels to complete the unit, 6mm Buildings, maybe some Baccus and after that who knows? I was suprised by how much I do have!

    @ Micael, yes very busy thanks to you guys, good job I have posts all thought out and ready to roll (an advantage with not sleeping at night)

    @Phil noticed you have risen by 5 which is nice, expecting you to rise more as it's a good blog

    @Gowan, I know what you mean. My pile is mostly down to two things, first I sold a friend something which paid for a big pile of ancients, also another friend quit wargaming 20 years ago and carted a box of metal round two house moves but gave it me last year, I have started painting them but including the Fantasy in must have been 5-600 figures! I now have to paint figures for others to get the money for my own (The ASL Sniper reminders) once I am well enough to work again (IF) I will have more choices but I have more than enough really)

    @ The Kiwi, possibly the best bit about lists is the ticking, painted up loads this last 9 months siince I came back to the hobby so I have made progress


  15. Good lord that's a long list! Everyone comes at this differently and I find that if I have too many projects or too many figures out, I lose hope and steam. How do you do it?

    On the other hand, variety is the spice of life and your gaming life looks spicey!

  16. Monty, it's a long list when I view it theway it's written but really it's about 5 projects LOL

    It's the variety that keeps it fresh. I have four projects on my desk at the moment all nearly finished that will be finished up in quick order, that's a nice feeling. Last night in bed I was thinking, so what's next? The only frustration is I have so much to do to finish most of the projects but in most cases I have enough to at least have a game so it's not so bad.