Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Japanese Sniper Reminders

Oh the Japanese have arrived. Well they were in fact finished about a week ago but I have built up a bit of a back log of late so they have been delayed. What can I say about the 12 bases? Well for starters I did struggle with these. Being all Bolt Action you know the drill, pain to clean and pain with the heads. I have already banged on about it and have also shown the first part of the 12 as it was the basing that slowed me down and I did that in two groups. The second lot of basing went better though as I had made the mistakes on the first batch so did not have the restarts I had with the original batch. Both have the same style and finished look and are no difference between either group. I have 12 bases over 13 figures and a few figures unpainted in reserve if I need to do more but I expect that will be it for the time being. I have just finished 8 Australians with 4 more needing all the work on them to match up. Hoping to get that done this week and then it's back to my own figures for a bit.

A flag in WWII, Really?
Not sure, but I think I will end up keeping this one. The print on the flag is not made for folding so has creased and flaked. Looks OK and I will probably paint over but have to say I am disappointed with Warlord for supplying something so obviously not fit for purpose. These figures are supposed to get more handling than they will get through ASL and yet this clearly would not take it.

The Jungle ain't neutral!
This guy was fun to paint but comes in three pieces. I really like the Kunai and the jungle (AP Poison Ivy) along with the tufts, breaks up the base and makes for a nice feel. Duncan snapped him up straight away as he has first dibs.

Running down a trail.
Added a trail to this base and built the kunai up on both sides with jungle growth encroaching on the path. Wanted the Kunai to tower over him for a bit of a claustrophobic feel. I like the result, in fact I like it so much here is another shot.

Cap, cap cloth and uniform are all different colours which do not show up so well in the shots. Cath was having a field day as her camera kept claiming the figures blinked!

Skirting the jungle.
This base just has Kunai on the one side but another great shot of Cath's that shows off the jungle well.

Yes some even have helmets!
Bolt Action have the saving grace that their poses tend to be very active. None of the stationary style that most of the Artizan have. All in all I have been happy with the whole project so far. I have not kept a close eye on the number of figures painted thus far, not sure I dare!


  1. They certainly look wonderfully dynamic and as for the bases - SUPERB! They really are lovely, well done Ian.

  2. It's great work and some great horticulture!

  3. Excellent work, ian!

    The Japanese were known to charge with flags flying, especially in their death-or-glory (but usually death) Banzai charges, so it's not unreasonable to have a flag bearer.

    The bases look quite primordial, just like the jungles of New Guinea, which both sides considered a second enemy!

  4. @ Michael, Thanks. It's the saving grace for Bolt Action, maybe Artizan have not done the Japanese because their style would just look wrong. Strange as they do the Australians. But the Australians are much larger than the Japanese figures and more filled out. The Japanese look skinny and short besides them which fits the mental view of the Japanese, especialy as portrayed in WWII. The shock on (I think) Tarawa was coming against Japanes Marines all of which wereover 6' tall.

    @Fran, there are no horses in that lot ;-)

    @Rosbif, Sorry my poor excuse for humour. It was a play on them being the only Nation to do so, they also have rifle and pack banners (also included in the box) that was so covertered by their opponents but I did not attach as the quality of them and fragile nature of them would mean it was a short term prospect.


  5. Nice painting and great jungle basing!

  6. Loving those bases.. they really set off the models..