Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 25 May 2012

Australians arrive at last.

Finally got round to doing some of the Australians. I say finally but in fairness to them, they themselves painted up quickly and was fun to paint. I still have 4 more to do, repeats of the poses attached. Pics are done by me and are not meant to be anything special. I will get the last four painted and call it for a few weeks whilst I get on with some other figures. I am also going well on the buildings, two need final touches, two are about half way done and the last one is just primed. Not sure if I will do any tonight but I have to stay in tomorrow waiting on the delivery of three new chickens so I may use that as an excuse to crack on after a fairly slow two or so days.

For the Australians I wanted more terrain on the bases than the other Nations but less than the Japanese to give the Japanese that point of difference whilst keeping the Australians a little on the wild side. The next choice was uniform. Officially the clothing should be a darker green but if the boys had been in action for some time the colour would fade a great deal and who wants wet behind the ears guys? As normal with Artizan the poses are somewhat stiff. I like the touch of the binoculars on the figure on the left, nice point of difference. Of course the first Japanese sniper that clocks him will make him regret it!

Nice jaunty hats and fully loaded rifles. I also like the rolled up sleeves of these figures. All of them painted up easily so were quicker to paint. I am getting a better feel for the Poison Ivy now and cutting it out so that I get the best out of it.

I think these are the best looking figures of the eight. It took me a couple of goes before I was happy with the Bren Gun itself.

Finally a figure that is moving faster than a walk on the left though the right hand figure has good look about him. I my moan a bit about the mobility of the figures but I won't be looking for another supplier and probably would buy these again if and when I need more.

I took the pics just before 7am in the morning as the natural light was bright enough to give a good colour without the later bleaching effect. I was not brave enough to ask Cath to do it at THAT time!


  1. They've come out rather well! Nice job!

  2. They're dinky-di Diggers, Ian! You're right about the uniform colours, too. Jungle fighting took a toll on battledress, as well. Early on the regulars were sent in as soon as they returned from North Africa, so you could even have them wearing a mix of lighter kakhi, too.

  3. They are very nice, I like the bases a lot, maybe the slouch hats could be darker, good work.

  4. @ Rosbif, That's worth knowing, asI said I have 4 more at least t do.

    @ Dan, I aimed for slightly darker bt the wash ended up lighter. But one of the pic's I was working with showed them even lighter but under strong sun light so maybe that's what happened? LOL