Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 21 May 2012

Triples Swag

Not so large stash.

Well I think I will start with what I did not get and end on a high. Camels, oh they do make me spit! Same with the Essex Persians. Someone was selling a mix of Essex but these they did not have. I really need Essex Persians as they are to go with the Essex I already have so I will mail order and as such will get Essex camels so no big deal. The Newline's Numidian Cavalry were not on display but the infantry were. They are so much more chunky than the 1/72 Plastics that they would not be a good fit so happy to stick with just the plastics (no issue regards the Newline, just would be obvious another supplier). The Pendraken question remains unanswered, they only bring army packs to the shows so unable to make up a unit to see what they look like. Lee needs a few WWII bits so he will order some at some point. Meanwhile he left mine with a few 15mm Matchlock to paint up, biggest problem will be ordering these figures if we go with it as you have to do it blind. No stand space for the range at any of the shows I have been to nor pics on line! No barbed wire either but will get from Maelstrom Games at some point.

Whilst I did not pick up the Donnington Galatians I did get the Museum ones as they also had command figures and I thought it might be nice to add a bit of a mix for a change. It's great that at the show you can buy single figures as it can round off units, especially if like me you are converting from one rule set to another as in several cases.
Came with a  free paper bag!
Obviously I managed to get the paints, plenty selling Vallejo at old prices and I got replacements for white and black at £1.75 a bottle so happy enough. I also picked up a couple of packs of dice, 20 in total so ready for FoG and Impetus.

Other than that I got nothing really.............

Oh OK I did get something else. Timecast the Holy Grail of wargaming were there but whilst I like them and will buy some for extra variation I have to say that I don't think they are as good as the rep. But I really do like Total Battle Miniatures resin buildings. The cast quality is as good as Timecast (I think slightly better) and have better prices for the same sized pieces. If you use their painting service the finished product looks better as well. They are local to me so it's nice to support them but make no mistake if they were not as good I would go elsewhere. The range is ever growing so adding to your buildings is no problem. They have a small range of 25-28mm a fair range of 15mm and for me a great sized 6mm. I wanted buildings that could be used for Belgium and Prussia/Austria whilst Lee bought Spanish. I can see me buying Russian if we get round to that campaign anytime.

Thatched Row House
This is a really nice piece (as they all are really). The detail is great and I think it will paint up fairly fast and I look forward to the thatching! it was also the most expensive of all the buildings I bought coming in at £6

Thatched Barn
Keeping with the thatched theme I give you the barn. I bought two of these, one to stand alone (I want a farm house for it) the other to go with a warehouse. The pic does not make it real clear but hay is coming out of the two bays to the right. The view of my thumb should give an indication of the size. Price wise it was the lowest price  at £3 each. The front has a large double door for waggon access.

Large Warehouse
I love this one, it's another £6 building and more great detail. The overhang for the waggons (I may add the pole for the hoist. Steps up to the main doors and the wonky roof. Round the back is a set of three low archers to strengthen the structure.

I also have a Church with a dome spire at £4 and a timber building which is larger than the barn but comes in at only £3. For some reason I did not photograph them so you will have to wait to see them painted. Their website shows all the buildings painted so you can use it as a guide. You do get some mold lines and a little flash, time will tell if that is much of an issue. Also I do have one bubble in the resin of one piece that I have seen but it's neither big or looks to spoil the model, again once they are being cleaned and primed I will have a better idea on just how good they are. The fortified town is fantastic as is the other tile pieces and as Lee pointed out you can use it with the town walls (seldom) but nothing stops you using the buildings from the town loose. All considered it's a great piece and one day I will have one.

So not a bad stash, I think given both the financial position but also the fact I have so much gear anyway future Con's won't see me spending like I used to, I simply need to fill gaps these days, but also consider what I had delivered two days before the con.

Numidian Reinforcements.
My order from Hayfield's arrived, I really need another box of the Zvezda Cavalry which I will pick up in a few weeks time and then I can get to painting the rest.

The Full Project.
Not shown are the Numidian light Cavalry already painted and the Roman Deserters, again already painted. I also fancy another box of the HaT Numidian Lights or possibly two as I can have so many units of Light Cavalry and you get three units out of a single box. I have yet to get the figures out together and assign to units but after that I should be able to decide what more I need to give me a few options around the basic unit. I saw the rules at the con but at £25 I just don't think they are value for money. I will continue to search out a second hand copy.


  1. Nice haul Ian and I agree about Timecast and some of their models...

  2. Great haul Ian.

    Agree with your TBM comments - their stuff is really good and I would certainly use them from now on. Timecast are good but pricey. TBM seem to have struck the balance (and they're bringing out some Japanese next year - whoop whoop!)

  3. Excellent haul of swag there. Now if you are like me you'll just sit there and wonder ‘where on earth am I to start!’

  4. A great bag of swag Sir!!! I love that Timcast warehoue, I want me one of them!!!!!

  5. @ Fran, yep some Timecast are not as good but on the whole they are fine but expensive compared to TBM

    @ Phil, now why would Japanese buildings interest you? (have you not got enough?)

    @ Michael I don't have an issue where to start, I have 24 15mm Companians on the table but will be undercoating the buildings tomorrow. It's when I have the 20mm sorted when I will have issues! I jump from one project to the next so everything has it's turn.

    @ Ray It's not a Timecast Whorehouse it's a Total Battle Miniatures warehouse. It's also 6mm do you do 6mm? Though they do do 15mm as well. I will be painting them up soon and I'm no building expert so it will be a good test


  6. Hi Ian,

    Nice blog, if you need more 1/72nd ancients i have bundle I was gonna put on bring and buy, any where near north London? Maybe attending some upcoming shows.... Email Shaun_mac_uk and i will look at numbers and prices, think it cost up nearly 80quid new, Romans numidians elephants and all sorts.

    Cheers Shaun

  7. Ian. you've just cost me all my discretionary spending for 15mm wargaming thanks to your plug for TBM. I hadn't seen them before but they look exactly the things I need to finish up my buildings for Russia and NWE in 15mm.

  8. @ Shaun, e-mail on the way in a tic

    @ Synicbast LOL I aim to please. They are nice, about to undercoat them and they will be started in a day or so.

    Could you mention where you heard about them, it's good to get the suppliers to realise that blogs can work for them, it makes them more open to share information in the future.