Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 14 May 2012

Rebased and Ready for Battle

Old Essex in the rear and the newer Matchlocks to the front.
As some of you know I bought Field of Glory Renaissance recently and having read the rules and army lists had a few reservations on how the units will look under the rules. The only way to really tell was to rebase some of them and see. The next problem is how the rules will portray the English Civil War and a lesser extent the Thirty Years War. I am not convinced the rules will have enough character to work for the ECW though possibly will for the bigger TYW. The first obstacle though is looks. I rebased 5 regiments of foote to the rules, which in reality means I not only took them off bases of poor standard of finish and rebased MOST of the figures into the regiments. I say most as FoG:R use three musket to a base and 4 pike. Given the old system's I have played tend to have 2:1 ratio of musket to pike (though less for some regiments) it means that automatically I have musket left over. But also add that most of my regiments are 30 figure regiments I can be left over with about 10 figures. Anyone who has already checked out the pic's may well notice six regiments are shown, this is due to two Matchlock Miniatures regiments supplied a number of spare figures which I added a few spares to and painted up a fresh regiment. I have to admit that the main fears over how the regiments will look has been diminished as they will pass fair enough I still have not totally moved away from the idea of going with 10mm and just adding a lot more figures to the bases to give that pike block look. I may well be buying figures to try this at Triples so both Lee and myself can come to a decision.
Whatever the choice I will continue to base up the 15mm to FoG:R at least to the point we can try out the rules. I easily have the foote, artillery and dragoons to make up the starter armies and I feel that the cavalry (especially the Royalist and early Parliament) should be two figures per base so will be able to do these as well. Then onto the Commanded Musket, these will come from the spares I have from stripping the Regiments which ironically is where they would have come from. The only issue I have is that all the lists for the ECW give Commanded Muskets and plenty of them. This is as inaccurate as you can come. Sure they were used but very rare and not on many a battlefield, they have made an exception a rule.

Old Essex Up Close.
The old Essex Miniatures are probably serving out the days what ever the final decision on what scale we will go with. Two of the three have helmets (Lobster Pots) for the musket and they are a little dwarfish. Expect these being put on E-Bay once I have rebased the lot and have decided on rules. Either way they will be sacrificed for new lead which may well be Matchlock but I have an open mind.

Newcastle's Whitecoats.
The newly painted regiment. Every Royalist army seems to have to have Newcastle's Whitecoats in them. The only problem is that they tend to have THIS regiment. This is in fact Newcastle's own Regiment of Whitecoats.

Col. Byerly's Regiment of Foote
But what most do not paint up is any of the OTHER regiments that were named Newcastle's Whitecoats. I present to you Col. Anthony Byerly's Foote. A known Papist and raised in the County of Durham.

Kings Lifeguard of Foote.
I give you my old Regiment, The Kings Lifeguard of Foote. The standard has had better days, though it looked fairly poor on being folded to give the wind effect so many years ago and is the main reason I now paint my own as per the two above. Now all I need to do is crack out another six foote regiments, the horse for both sides and ...... I think give me a few months and we will have our first game, good job all I need to do is rebase them all. Oh that is unless I see some nice command figures and must look up some of those horse handlers from Essex and......


  1. My goodness what an undertaking! The units are certainly looking pretty splendid in their new arrangement. Excellent work Sir!

  2. They look great with their new basing! Excellent work in rebasing these fine miniatures.

    Best regards

  3. Nice troops! I love rebasing?????

  4. love the figs and their rebasing! happy gaming?

  5. Nice work on the rebasing - they look excellent!