Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 18 August 2012

20 Questions - It's ALL Ray & Fran's Fault!

OK you will have seen a few of these by now so here goes (Thank you you gits!)

Favourite Wargame Period and Why?
This has changed a few times over the years with WWII taking turns as number one. But right now Napoleonic is taking centre stage, all the colour and history make it a great period to wargame. The ECW comes in a close second though.

Next Project, Money No Object?
I am kind of projected out as I have so many on the go. I think it would be the one of the ones I am doing now. I would like to expand all 15mm Ancients armies I have and many I don't to give all realistic options on troop types. That's a lot of figures.

Favourite 5 films?
Not in any order
187 with Samuel L Jackson (excellent small release film)
Assembly (Chinese film, great story and very graphic)
American History X (Edward Norton, very gritty)
Black Hawk Down (nothing needs saying)
Train Spotting (what can I say)

Favourite 5 TV series?
Band of Brothers
The Walking Dead
The Shinning (American TV series far better than the film)
The Clangers (Yes really, loved that program as a kid)

Also would have loved this series of Hard Knocks just to see Chad Johnson get fired!!)

5 Favourite books and Authors?
Lord of the Rings, it started so much for me.
The Wheel of Time series, even though Jordan ripped off Tolkien to an embarrassing level
Anglia Rediviva, written in 1647 about the 1645 campaign of the New Model Army, about to read it again.
With The Old Bred and Helmet for My Pillow for getting me into the PTO

Tolkien for obvious reasons
Max Hastings
David Eddings
Stephen Donaldson (even if his Covenrnant series was a ball ache to read at 16)
Stephen King

Greatest general? Can't be yourself (not kidding!!)
Alexander the Great

Favourite wargames Rules?
Advanced Squad Leaders, the best rules ever for WWII, yep it's a boardgame but the rules come as a separate book.

Favourite Sport and Team?
Easy, American Football and the Pittsburgh Steelers, go even further, favourite players Woodson of defence and Bettis on offence, both distant memories. Still can't forgive Neil O'Donnell that crap pass on the goal line because he was too sissy to run.

If you had a only use once time machine when and where would you go?
To the Battle of Edgehill. I am convinced that if the King had ridden up to the right hand regiment armed with just a sword and ordered the regiment to fight him or quit the field forever they would have quit. Then on to the next and the next etc. Total change of history.

Last Meal On Death Row?
100 year old egg but I would have to pick the egg. Ok more seriously? My home made Moussaka, Sour cream Potato Bake and my wife's Greek Salad and a bottle of Retsina.

Fantasy Relationship and why?
As corny as it sounds I am already living it though I did have a crush on Toyah when I was much younger.

If your life was a movie who would play you?
Mr Bean, no I am not talking about Sean and I do mean the character rather that Mr Atkinson himself.

Favourite Comic Superhero?
Never really into them so I will go with Union Jack Jackson from Warlord though I always had a affinity with Plug from the Bash Street Kids.

Favourite Military Quote?
By God Sir, it is very fine on paper but there is no such thing in the field. Said of Rupert's dispositions before getting his ass kicked at Marston Moor.

Favourite Fantasy Job?
Ruining Running GW,call it a service to wargameing.

Favourite Songs top 5?
That's a bit tough to narrow down and I'm a album man myself so I will go with them.
Welcome to My Nightmare by Alice Cooper
Sticks by Led Zep
No Free Lunch by Green on Red
Pigs and Astronauts by Kula Shaker
Heaven and Hell by Back Sabbath

Favourite Wargameing Moment?
Oh so many to choose from, but I will go with when I had a flat with Lee and we put on a massive battle that had commanders giving orders and the rest of us playing (Andy was the Umpire) and Lee had just but some bread under the grill. Watch my toast was his request as he went off to talk to our army commander (via toy telephones joined by a wire, yep they really worked) when he came back to see smoke rolling over the top half of the room he asked anyone watch my toast to which we all replied in a chorus Yep it's burnt! Priceless.

The Miserable Git Question?
Reality shows and I don't even watch much TV!

Well thanks a lot you pair of shites, that may have been fun but don't expect any thanks from me!!!!


  1. That was fun to read. I missed Ray and Fran's so I'll have to go back later and find them.

    Cheers and boogie boogie.

  2. PS: Never saw the series for The Shinning either, but I thought I heard, read or saw, that it more along the lines of what Stephen King wanted. Not sure if that's true or not.

    I'll have to give it a watch.

  3. Mine are funny that tha pair's, well I am a funny guy ;-)

    The Shinning is available on DVD and is well worth tracking down. The serries follows the book a lot better but being longr it has the ability to not rush the characters.

    We watched the first half (was on two videos the first time we bought it) and got to the point where they get snowed in. Got up to change tapes and looked through the curtains to find we had 3-4" of snow (none forcast) that REALLY added to the ambiance (polite way of saying it crapped us up a lot)


  4. So many things can be blamed on those two silly boys Ian and this is just the latest!!

    I quit reading the Wheel Of Time series about two years ago because he seemed to lose the thread. Huge Eddings fan as well. And of course Tolkien meant so much to me growing up and still does today.

    As for your music-you've to the best taste in music of anyone I've encountered on these questions so far. You chose 4 sticks which is a killer Bonham track, the story behind that is really cool. I've been a drummer for over 30 years and Bonham was and is my drum hero.

  5. As for Jordon,he was dying so I kind of forgave him a little. I wonder if he thought he would live for as long as he did not finish the series? But yes he lost the plot. Seems somewhat better know it's been taken over.

    Did not like Zep till I had grown up, same with the Beetles and Lynyrd Skynyrd. I also like Johnny Cash and loads of other stuff you would not expect. But have you heard of Green on Red?

    I remember reading your blog ages ago that you were a drummer, just picked up Hammer of the Gods the uofficial story of Zep


  6. Great answers especial Mr Bean! From one of the shites!

  7. never heard of Clangers before.. pretty funny looking alien mice?

    I like the idea of Mr. Bean -the character- playing a different role, that's got a lot of potential as a movie i think.

  8. Totally agree with the Robert Jordan books and you're welcome Ian!

  9. Steelers? surely the Patriots, no, no scratch that, lol.

    Great answers there.

  10. I haven't heard of Green or Red. I did read Hammer of the Gods years ago. It's quite the tale what those lads got up to while on the road. But Pagey always made good business decisions and still does to this day. Smart man.