Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 24 August 2012

Another Day Another Parcel.

The Spending Frenzy continued, yesterday I received the two brush holders I had said I was going to order. As well as some more brushes (all from Rosmary & Co). The size of the holders was a bit of a surprise - me being male and unable to look at the dimensions in the booklet. You can see the size of the thing in the picture above, it's bloody big! The purple things in the near background are A4 Box Files. So if your tight for space they could be a bit of an issue, though they are easy to take apart and put back together. All told it has 49 slots that you can put one or more brushes in. Need more space? Seek Help! I am happy with it as I have the space and it helps keep some order in the chaos that is my painting plans.
I also picked up a couple more Kolinsky Sable (series 33) brushes including a rather nice 10/0 for that finer than fine result. Also with the order was a couple of larger flat brushes for dry brushing for trying out a couple of ideas and speed up the 6mm early stage painting style that I recently picked up. The cost of postage was their set £1 and this lot came in a big jiffy bad with the brushes in the plastic sealed bag as before but with a stiff cardboard wrap to protect them from the paint brush holder and Mr Pat. Extra style points me thinks.

Quick painting update.
I have finished a group of 15mm figures (first in ages) which I will try blogging tomorrow, I have five regiments of French 6mm Naps over half way through being painted, 8 Sniper Reminders (28mm) close to finished apart from the bases which won't be finished till the kids are back to school as they are going to have a lot of work on the bases and I don't require the help I would be getting  :-) I also need to get the last five 10mm ADC's finished before next Sunday in case I need to take them to Partizan which will not be a problem.

I know I want to crack on with some more 15mm but will wait to find out what I will be painting for the winner of my draw (on the 8th of September folks so get your name down if you want in). All that before going to Partizan LOL.


  1. Nice spending Ian, it's forced me to buy something I need as well!

  2. He's lying! He doesn't spend a bloody penny the tight git!

  3. Everywhere I go, you two boys are picking at one another.

    Well done Ian, on the spending. It's fun to do a splurge every now and again.

    Happy Painting :-)

  4. @Spooky, I know, but what can we do. The splurge is a bit like your couponing, it was done from a pot I generate trough selling other stuff so in effect it's spnding for free!


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