Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 19 August 2012

E-Bay Moment

It was free listing weekend a week ago so I finally got round to putting three of the 15mm ECW regiments I intended to sell to pay for my 6mm army with ofter regiments ready to follow if required. I also took advantage of the opportunity to sell off two sets of two figures of my sniper reminders. Well with a few add on sales I have managed to generate over £120 to add to my war chest. This means I will have the funds to buy some more units and a few more paints and keep the rest in reserve for the next convention, that being Derby unless Total Battle Miniatures are at Partizan in which case I will get myself a nice selection of Spanish buildings, I guess a wargamer and his/her money is soon parted.

Such buildings are recommended given that I should get a game against Barry and his pesky British Naps in the next few weeks to see if any of the tweaks work or are too much. Next battle will be smaller but should be plenty of fun. Oh I could always get more bases, then again I need more brushes (want to try a 10 zero!!!) oh and I also want a few more pike blocks for my Alexandrian Army and..................

Crap where did that money go?


  1. Sounds like a profitable session! Well done!

    On top of the Russian buildings I mentioned I may have the TBM Spanish hill town set unpainted that I could probably do you a deal on as well! :)

  2. @Andy, I was looking to buy that so yes could be very interested