Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

54mm Project Stage 3

It's time to face it. Well face him really. For 28mm I use two skin tones and Devlan Mud wash (well till it runs out). But I had already bought Flat Flesh to go between the Medium Flesh and Light Flesh. Well after painting the first two colours on I was tempted to leave at that point but did not. The effect of adding the Light Flesh was to spoil the effect, that is until I returned to the Fleshtone Shade wash. This really dulled down the too light look and brought out the depth of the rest of the flesh tones. I am rather pleased with the result and hope to carry this forward with future 54mm figures. Yep I am enjoying this so much that I have bought a few more. I figure I can use these in future for other giveaways and the like, or just keep them if I wish.
I also have painted the backpack and bedroll as well as finishing off the white leather straps. I wanted the bedroll to be a slightly different colour to the uniform itself even though all the pictures I have looked at seem to have the same shade. I think this is in error as colour matching to the uniform (almost certainly another fabric type). I did this by using the same Blue Shade wash as I used on the uniform but this time added over a Blue Grey Pale base layer. This came up close enough to match but can not be mistaken for the same colour. The backpack I managed to sneak English Uniform for the base coat. Then I dry brushed/dabbled a series of lighter colours finishing in Buff. Brass Buttons were then done post clean up of the white areas.
The Black areas have been painted with a base coat of Black. I also painted the gold and bronze areas black so natural shading are in place. The next step will be either the red facings or finish the black which is as big a challenge as the white was.


  1. Looking very good so far Ian. I have a few 54's somewhere waiting for paint but I'm not sure that I am up to it!

  2. He is certainly coming along nicely; really love the work on his backpack Ian.

  3. Skin tone is still horribly difficult for me. You've done a nice job here Ian. I'd love to do some 54mm as well one day. But right now I've fallen in love with Foundry and Hasslefree and am going to be buying up as many of those as I can here pretty soon.

    Have you heard of a company called Nocturna. They do some very strange, but splendid 54mm. Not military, but of a style I can't describe, Very unique.

  4. @ Roger. Go for it, I was the same, I had only done a single one before so this was a chalenge and one I really enjoyed.

    @ Michael, a friend who saw it in the flesh said the same but the truth is it kind of painted itself. Most of the credit has to go to the sculpter

    @ Anne, always look at the skin from a bit of a distance, it works best there. My fav style on 28mm's at the moment (just finished the flesh on 7 figures) is a base coat of Vallejo 70860 Medium Fleshtone covered apart from recessed areas with 70955 Flat Flesh (panzer serries colour) then just on the very tips such as nose, ears and finger tips 70928 Light Flesh but then I put on a light wash of a general wash which grubsit up which is great for me as they are WWII but for yours would use a well thined down Flat Flesh.

    I think I have seen Nocturna sold by the guys I mentioned for the supplier ofthis figure.