Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 25 August 2012

370 Years Ago Today........

John Colepeper 1st Baron Colepeper
25th August 1642. Only three days after raising his Standard and declaring war on Parliament the King sent Sir John Colepeper (also spelt Culpepper) to Parliament with an offer to negotiate a peace. This was typical of Charles ever wavering and changing of mind. The Lords allowed the presentation of the proposal only forcing Colepepper and Southampton to deliver the request at the bar rather than from heir seats. The Commons on the other hand came close to expelling them from their places within Parliament but cooler heads prevailed though on presentation they were told that Parliament would not be able to treat until the King lowered his Standard and retracted his declaration against it's members where he had called them traitors. This was the first of many failed negotiations for peace and i was quite possible the King had no intention of accepting anything but total control. But knew that when Parliament refused to treat (as he was almost sure to know they would) he would gain sympathy and greater support as indeed happened.


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