Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Busy Few Days

Well I've had a couple of busy days, a full day of playing ASL (reported on my other blog) just under ten hours on just the one scenario but we had plenty of fun. Yesterday was a completely different battle. That of the shoe shop, two pairs of kids shoes later and I guess you could say I lost that one. In an attempt to relax last night I decided to sort out my army for the game I have planned with Barry only to find I am one French Artillery piece short. So last night saw me starting four guns, crews and limbers (well it's as quick to do four as one right? Today if it stays nice we are off out for the day so what I don't get done before we go gets finished tonight and early tomorrow.
So Friday will be a game (testing the Napoleonic rules) Saturday we hope to get to Rufford park for their annual 1940's Living History Weekend. If you follow the link you will be rather underwhelmed on the effort to push this event but it is a very popular and successful event which I will supply pics of if we get there. Sunday is Partizan where I will be picking up a reasonable sized order from Baccus. I was hoping that Total Battle Miniatures would be there but they are not so I will look at the options but I expect I will be mail ordering some from these guys even if I do buy some at the show. 
Talking of the show I was looking at the list of Display games and by the looks it's all 28mm this year. Is it because of the poor light? I have no issues with 28mm but every game? Thinking about it though, it seems that we now get very little choice between 6mm and 28mm at shows these days. Where have all the 15mm displays gone (ignoring FOW for a second) it's almost as if 15mm has become FOW territory. This is the point I get corrected by the lot of you LOL.
So expect a bit of a rush of posts once I recover from so much walking, talking and well being human. Even after that I don't stop as I have a game of FoG:A against Matt on Wednesday so I need to brush upon the rules as this game could be a major factor on his re-basing his three armies! That's not counting two to three games of ASL I will have in between, I just feel tired just thinking about it!


  1. There's nothing wrong with being human, I just can't get used to it myself, have a good Partizan Ian....

  2. Have a great time and I look forward to reading all about it on your return.

  3. 1 gun short, so you decide to paint 4 because "it's just as quick". Now, who does that remind me of? Errmmm, me

    Good luck with the games and enjoy Partizan :)

  4. Shoe shopping-I remember those days. My daughter inherited the Hubby's feet and we couldn't buy off-rack, had to have them special made. Bloody nightmare that.

    Have a grand weekend Ian.

  5. Yes I noticed the wealth of 28mm games. Peter Pig ( my main miniature love) are demoing their rehashed Sudan game in 15mm but I think that is it!

  6. Yes I noticed the wealth of 28mm games. Peter Pig ( my main miniature love) are demoing their rehashed Sudan game in 15mm but I think that is it!

  7. @ Angry. Really? I never would have thought ;-)

    @ Michael, hope to get a post done between each event so not to have one long post.

    @ Tamsin, I think we may not be alone in this. Anyway it was! (ish)

    @ Anne, That sounds bad, one of my mates was over 6 foot tall way before many of us were even close to 5, maybe Barry can tell us about his footware!!!!

    @ Sean, glad it's not me. I have no Peter Pig, I think they came along towards the end of my last wargaming period but since coming back last year I have stuck with the same suppliers so far (except Baccus)