Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 10 August 2012

What Do Your Figures Get Up To When Your Not Looking?

Last 6mm post for a bit, I promise.

I had noticed some of my figures were not exactly as I left them a while back. The idea that something was not quite right has grown until finally I laid a trap with my wife's camera. Below is a few shots of the disturbing evidence that our figures have a life of their own (or that I have finally gone bonkers)

As you can see the little buggers have grabbed a miniature copy of the Polomus rules and are hard at a nice Naps game.

Another view, seems one guy has his head in the rules whilst the other has a supply of suds.

Beard and AC/DC shirt, obviously the smart guy is desperate for opponents ;-)

Nerd has cord trousers and a red tie, now I understand why he plays with Mr. B.O.

Not the best pics but you get the idea. This is the model give to us all at the Baccus Open Day, Cath plans to paint hers up soon as well. This worries me as I am not sure which of the two figures she will paint me up as! The figure was originally given away as a door gift at Partisan, something rather different to the 28mm figure normally given away. Now I have to decide if I am to keep him or add it to the give away that I run next.


  1. I saw this title pop up on my blogroll and had to find out what it was about. I've long suspected as much and really I'm hoping it's true because I have as many female figures as I do male and if they breed, I'll never have to buy another mini again!

  2. Heh.. nice mate.. now you have me thinking what my guys are doing.. mmmm.. I think I need to split up the armies before they take out my display case!

    And LOL at Anne's comment! I might need to invest in more females then :)

  3. What do they get up to while I´m not looking? I dread to think :-D

  4. If 2 6mm guys get together to play a game of Napoleonics, what scale do they use?

  5. I have a photo of two of my 28mm roleplaying figures playing a Napoleonic wargame with 2mm figures, and two 28mm figures playing a game of snooker on a resin table I bought one year at Partizan. So my 28mm figures therefore do exactly the same as I do in 1:1 scale. And I have a group of three male 20mm Romans having an orgy with four female slaves but Ian felt it was too explicit to show on his blog.

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  7. @ Anne, where did you think 6mm figs come from?

    @ Derek, well I know what scale 28mm use, see what Barry wrote.

    @Barry I want to put up some of those pics of the 28mm battle as I thought about your project when I was given the figures. As I remember yours were more refinded than mine. The Partizan one would be welcome as well. As for the Roman, er no it might make someone other than me blush LOL


  8. We once found a tiny tiny sword on the bathroom floor. No idea where it came from. We placed it on Tim's desk and after a few days, it was gone.