Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 27 August 2012

What to do?

I blame Fran and Ray, no this is not another 20 questions post, rather it is a bit more thinking AFTER those questions or rather one of the questions. That being "If Money was no object what would your next project be?" Well money is an object so feet back in reality space and time I was thinking where am I in current projects and where to go from there. Well I seem to be heading to an end on a number of projects.
20mm Numidian, I need to paint up a few Cavalry units, some elephants and a few skirmish units and that project is finished and I have all the figures for this, I just need to paint them.
15mm Persian Army. Just need to buy two packs of cavalry and then paint up the six packs I would then have and they are done unless I add far less useful units to the army.
15mm Macedonian armies. Yes I am thinking of the various armies I can generate from a core force. Not much more to buy, this will go on for years with all the additions I can go for but the vast majority is already owned and most is painted.
15mm Seleucid Army. Got just about all the figures I could need, most can be taken from the army above but I also have them in their own right. This army is steadily being painted alongside the Macedonian and  already have the core required to play painted. I think it will have the best part finished before Summer of next year.
15mm Late Roman Army. This is the biggest project that will need a good proportion of figures adding to given FoG's taste for big armies. This I thought would be well under way within the next three months but I think it won't see any heavy work till into next year. That's not to say it won't be started but serious progress will wait for me to buy more units for it. Before I buy them or get into painting strongly I want to clear up most of my 15mm waiting for the brush. All that said I am really looking forward to getting this army started.
6mm French Napoleonic. I recently added the desire to send this army into Iberia so this means a bunch of units being painted up as French allies. These figures and flags have already been ordered from Baccus. This should be a slight diversion to my original plan of painting up the units for the 1812 Russian war. Yes I also need the Spanish buildings which will be bought soon but still I really want to go with Russia. The problem is that we don't have a Russian army to fight at the moment.
6mm ECW. This is a new project for me, but it's a fairly small project and should get cracking with it and as long as Lee can get units painted up to face them I can see this project getting finished early next year (famous last words).
Looking back at that list I wonder why I would want to start a new project but well this is a condition so many of us suffer from. But possible themes are
The Blood Bowl/Tron type of game now on Kickstarter. I am not a fan of the figures, the offer does not look that good and a lack of probable opponents (I just don't see many of my regular opponents wanting to play it, even if I supply everything).
Another 15mm Army. I would still like to go Biblical at some point but until I am down to one army under the brush I will not go down this route. Now if another period was to ring my bell then I would be prepared to add that to the working list.
Another 20mm Impetus army. Doubtful, I think Impetus is OK but two things are saying no to going that way. As a secondary gaming rule set it only commands one army (Barry has a good number as well making the need to do another low) but above all it's space. 20mm take up a hell of a lot of space and I can use it for other stuff instead.
6mm ECW. What you already are doing that! Well I am doing the Royalist but I may do the New Model IF Lee or someone else does not grab it.
6mm Russian Naps. I more than hinted at this. I think this is most likely next army. It's one of the cheaper options until you consider the number of units needed but at least I can build it a bit at a time.
6mm Austrian Naps. This would happen if Lee went ahead and built the Russians en mass. If he did this I think I would start these almost straight away with the idea of almost cornering the whole period (Lee has already stated an interest in the Spanish) In honesty I have to say that I think this will probably be a future army after the Russians are well into a gameable situation. 
The good news is that if I am gong so far down the road with 6mm then I would also have to keep going with plenty of 15mm to save my eyes and sanity. I am already committed to the need for a Daylight Tube rig which my Mother offered to fund so at least help is on it's way.


  1. I guess that for Impetus you could always sabot up your 15mm FoG armies to give yourself more variety.

    For 15mm future options, what about 16th century early renaissance? Lots of colourful landsknechts, Swiss pikes, gendarmes etc?

  2. @ Tamsin. True but my Impetus opponent only has 20mm and I hope to just play Impetus with him (as well as get some FoG in against him.


  3. You've got a post showing up on my blogroll that isn't here Ian. "370 days ago....

    Just wanted to let you know.

  4. Thanks Anne, yes that was me being a Dick, possibly THE Dick even. I as I sometimes do wrote a post in advance (this one for the 2nd of September) but instead of clcking on Save I clicked on Post so I had to revert to Draft.

    Yesterday I played an ASL scenario for over 9 hours so was not in any state to blog a new post. Off to get shoes for the kids at school today so it may well have to wait till tonight or tomorrow. Oh the life I lead LOL