Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 26 July 2013

Adler Landwehr Cavalry And Pirch II

It seems wrong to have painted up the whole of Pirch II's nine infantry Battalions and yet not have painted up Pirch himself. For those not in the know the Prussian army of the 100 days campaign had two high ranking officers with the name of Pirch, Pirch I commanded the II Corp whilst Pirch II commanded the 2nd Brigage in I Corp. Anyway enough of that, here is the lesser commander.

Pirch's ADC pointing out where the French are massing.
Like most of the Prussian units, the commanders are not the most colourful, still a splash of red always helps. I did do a search for images of Pirch but came up with nothing.

Or are they that way?
My rules have Division Commanders mounted two figures to a base, Corp commanders three to a base and the Army Commander of four figures, this does not include any unmounted figures that may be on the base as well for added interest. My French are woefully under strength in Division Commanders which needs sorting in the coming months.

Next up are two regiments of Landwehr, these are a mixed bunch so rather than having some armed with sword and others with lance these first two I have mixed sword and lance together.
Here we have the 1st Landwehr Cavalry Regiment of Westphalia who are part of the 2nd Cavalry Brigade of the Ist Corp. As with Adler cavalry you get two poses for the standard trooper so with a base of nine figures two of which are command I have six different poses, that leads to a bit of a mixed look, something I was keen to capture.

The 1st Westphalia had green pipping on their saddle cloths and orange pennants on the lances though the orange has come out a little dirty. I did my typical staggered line to give the feel of a charge with the guys with the sticks tending to lead the way.

Maybe they saw some French Lancers? I am starting to itch to get some play out of my Prussians soon, after all they are gathering mass. But before I can I need to get more cavalry and more command painted up so I know what I have to get on with don't I?

Here we have the 1st Landwehr Cavalry Kurmark of the same brigade as the cavalry above. These have the same dress as the first but have red pipping on the saddle cloths, black and white pennants and red colours instead of the green.

These also have a white trim on the shako making them rather dashing so I guess they get all the fraulein going. Still as long as they do well whilst I command them and pants when I am facing them, they can look how they like!

I just need to add one regiment of Lützow Uhlanen and the 2nd Brigade of cavalry will be finished. In fact with just three more regiments of cavalry painted up I could have the whole of Ist Corp cavalry sorted.

The command was painted this month but the cavalry were painted last month but were resisting photographing, all of these pics were taken by Cath and have come out great.

So Project Waterloo continues to move at a reasonable pace and remains on track though I will feel a bit better once I get more command and get into the Baccus infantry that I bought recently as we still need lots of them.


  1. Good work, here. I like the look of the charging cavalry. I know how it is with command stands, I always seem to be a few short.
    This project is coming along well.

  2. @ Mike, The command stands should be easy, all I have to do is add a couple to each batch of Prussians I paint and there you go. Practice though is another thing. I am now about a third of the way through the infantry so feeling good about where I am at.

    @ Michael, Thanks, wait till you see the infantry, I have been amusing myself.