Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Leven Miniatures Bits and Bobs

Mike over at Leven Miniatures sent me these bits recently, asking me if I thought there was a market for them. Personally I think this type of scenic is missing out of almost all scales and mostly gets covered via scratch building with the obvious mixed results.

I am writing about the above pictured statue base, and if you check below you will see the three sizes and types Mike has made. But keeping with the above one which is the biggest of the three. I have added a Adler Prussian mounted officer with a little work to turn the horse into a rearing position. Ideally I would have liked to get a French WWI 6mm figure as well to add a more modern twist to the statue. 

The smallest one I intend to add a sun dial to at some point. I like to think that one of these in the middle of a town would look cracking, partially for the WWII and Modern games. Also mounted outside an imposing town hall they would do the trick.

I have already used the well on my Spanish building from last week, here I also have an impressive fountain shown in the foreground. This will end up somewhere within my German/Austrian town once I have found something suitable to mount on the pedestal.

The figures are some spare British ensigns, again Adler Miniatures. Also on the right is a water trough, I am guessing the upright section would be better painted as wood but not really sure.

I will let you lot or Mike have the last word regards that point. I would also love feedback on this. Would you buy pieces like these? What other pieces of unusual man made terrain pieces would you like to see in 6mm to add to our battlefields? 


  1. Some non nice pieces there. A. Great idea , but not sure if many would pay for it..

  2. I would buy the wells and fountain at least. Plenty examples of small water wells in villages all over Europe.

    Statue bases? Maybe.

  3. I wish there were some of these in a larger scale!

  4. The more scenery pieces the better in my opinion but that's just me.

  5. It's the details that really makes your battlefield, so I think these are excellent pieces. Go for it!

  6. @ Dave, the price, I think like so many things it will come down to price. If you can pick up a few bits to add on to your order I think they will do well. If you need to buy them in a pack of say 8 items then I think they will be slow.

    @ Leif, Yes the wells and fountains are the leaders. Statue bases have a much slimmer audience as they need finishing. Also I think they are more of a modern type of feature.

    @ Michael, It may not be a bad idea for Mike to do some of these in larger scales if he starts to run a stall at shows, mail order just would not work as he would need to venture further into the scales to make mail order work.

    @ Fran, Not just you, more wargamers want their tables to look nice

    @ MM, these are great, especially as I knocked up the paint job in a short while. Leven really excel at the quick paint, but better still when I have given them lots of time and thought they have come out looking much better.