Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Baccus Grenadiers - The New Batch

With the Baccus Open Day today and The Joy of Six tomorrow I thought it a good idea to finally get round to finishing off the Old Guard Battalion I had painted up at the beginning of the month. All I needed to do was flag it and take the pics so last night I finally added the flag and this morning painted the `white bits` so here it is all finished.

These are NFR4 French Grenadiers and NFR21 French Grenadiers, Skirmish and obviously are from Baccus.

So what can I say other than to repeat what I have said about all the new releases so far? Well not much, they continue to be crisp with very little clean up and so they go from packet to paint desk in just slightly longer than it takes the primer to dry. 

The skirmishers are great to paint and look really nice with the loading and firing positions as expected from Baccus. I based these up in line to show them off all in a row.

The detail is there for anyone who wants to paint it whilst you can get away with leaving out some detail if you want a quick paint up. This is a real strength of Baccus and possibly a big reason they are the largest 6mm provider. I trod the middle ground and as such painted up the Battalion in a couple of sessions.

Based in the usual way, these probably will not get to see action at Waterloo as Lee is providing all the Guard so these are just back ups at the moment and as such will only get reinforced in the foreseeable future if it looks like Lee will need help to get his Guard done.

So of all the new Baccus Infantry I will have the Early French in Bicorne and Grenadiers sitting in my box for another two years which seems a huge crime against such nice figures. My only virtue in this is that the new French Line already released will be painted up and added too.

The new French Cavalry are not yet released, this will be real soon though so expect to see those to be shown here as soon as I can get my hands on them. As I understand it, we will get the new French cavalry very soon and after these will come the command figures and a new mix of artillery with different sized guns (and the new all in one cast guns) which will see a wide range of guns to arm your boys with. New limbers will also be in the mix.

Once all the old codes have been updated then we will start to see a LOT more new codes that will expand the French choices to a dazzling figure. This is obviously not an overnight task so we will have to show a certain amount of patience (yep right!) as these trot off the design table. I am lobbying for the Waterloo French, not that it will stop me filling the ranks with the earlier French, after all it is 6mm and we have a deadline to meet.

So if you have a chance to get to Joy of Six, I fully recommend you do as it's going to be a huge if in a small way ;-)


  1. Seriously impressive, I know I've said it before, but I just don't know how you manage to work on something that small!

  2. Good work. That is good details you've put on there.

  3. @ Michael, I have to ask, have you had a go at this scale? You may be surprised at how easy it can be and a man of your talents could really bring it home.

    @ Itinerant, Thanks, though Baccus make it easy with nice and crisp castings and the lack of mould lines