Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project Waterloo June Edition

June was very kind to the project as I managed to get another three battalions of Prussians painted and a couple of regiments of Landwehr cavalry. Of course I could have done more for the project but instead painted up a couple battalions of early French from Baccus as already shown on the blog.

This time it was the turn of the Landwehr, these are again Adler sculps but it's as if Mr. Locke put is a lot more effort to make these stand out as they are great looking figures. Indeed they are the best infantry I have seen to this point from Adler and given they have two different poses for the rank and file (one with a blanket roll the other with his bread bag showing more) and the command figures looking the business it was more than a tad disappointing that no skirmishers are available with the soft hat option. Still I can't take much away from the other figures as they look great.

I kept the figures on the original strips and I think they turned out fine, I kind of like the open column look of them. This is the 1st Battalion of the 2nd Westphalie and part of the 1st Corp and also completes the 2nd Brigade. So with no logic at all I have now started the 1st Brigade.

How about that for detail, plenty of 15mm figures do not have such facial detail! Of course such detail comes at a price and that's time but if you can spare it you get the results.

To be a bit different I decided to have the mounted figures on the same base, I liked the idea of them having a bit of a discussion with the guy in charge pointing to where he wanted the battalion to go. I also like the position the battalion ended up on the base, the off centre position is rather different.

The three battalions have shoulder straps but each battalion has a different colour strap so they really don't look part of the same regiment, hopefully I will remember they are when I get to play them.

Again for the command I used muted colours, the total opposite to the peacock French. Given how cash strapped the Prussians were it's no real surprise.

The flags are again Baccus and for these it's the simple cross, nothing too fancy about these guys. I really want Adler to produce the Prussian casualty figures soon as these would really enhance the bases, still I can always paint up some dead French for them.

Here we have the third battalion, again pressing ahead to take on the French and snatch glory for King and Country.
Side on view showing the gaps between the troops, I might change how I base up a little so I don't get the plain bits in the middle.

So that's another regiment finished and the first of the Landwehr. I will have more Landwehr and Reserve regiments than line regiments when I am finished so expect to see more of these guys. I may even do a revue of all I have painted sometime soon so you can see what I have managed since the start. Sobering though is that I am one third of the way through the required infantry. Soon I will post the cavalry.


  1. Well done that man, another cracking unit.

  2. ooooh, lovely stuff Ian :)

  3. So tell me, is it bionic eyes or a brush with one hair in it that allows you to make such a brilliant job of these tiny minis?!

  4. @ Michael, Thanks, I enjoyed painting them up.

    @ Tamsin, I wonder if the ones I paint up in early 2015 will be as good, better or worse given I will be in the high sixties by then LOL

    @ Gunrunner, well since I rejoined the hobby two years ago and painted up a few thousand 6mm figures I have had to start wearing glasses to paint! Paint brush wise a 00 or 000 gets used for most of the detail but the fine stuff can be down to a 10/0 but good light is essential.Really god light and clean castings is the main reason they come up so good. I am about to start some 15mm for a change though ;-)


    1. Well, as a 15mm enthusiast, I'll look forward to seeing how you treat this scale!

  5. Great stuff, they look excellent. As a recent convert to 6mm I have to say I'm amazed at the detail you've managed to get into these models!