Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 29 July 2013

12th Reserve Regiment, 2nd Brandenberg Project Waterloo

The paint brush rolls on as yet another Regiment of Prussians gets to be finished. This is another interesting regiment as it is outfitted in part in British made uniforms. The 1st and 3rd Battalions have the mixed uniforms whilst the 2nd is just dressed in Prussian Blue. The British uniforms are actually grey and the figures used are British. All figures are Adler. Below is the 1st Battaion.

As you can see from the picture above the British figures have great big plumes sticking up which adds a lot of colour to the base. Being a reserve regiment it has to make do with the good old white cross on a black background (could have been the other way round). 

I really like the skirmishers that come on a strip of three, slightly more expensive than the Jager but in my mind worth paying for. Notice the grey uniforms do not have red cuffs? well that is correct according to the Mont St Jean website. Indeed the red on the colour is just at the front never mind cuffs.

As before the flags are Baccus and I really feel comfortable adding them to the units now and like the wind effect that can be got, never a fan of straight flags. 

The mix of uniforms added another wrinkle to the production line but I still got them painted fairly quickly, even having time to add the command to them.

Here we have the 2nd Battalion ably lead bay an energetic mounted officer. These are in column where the 1st Battalion was in a three deep line.

Trying to gain momentum as they close in of the enemy, I am gainfully trying to get the stripes on the drummers shoulder thingies not quite right but good enough for me.

I still think I could do with more figures to give real weight to the column but after the first basing of my Adler I have come a long way and now they don't look like they are falling over and the column is no longer wedge shaped.

Here is the 3rd Battalion which is quite a bit different with the basing as I wanted some fun. Rather than plan it out I had one of those moments....

Here you can see the main body of the Battalion still formed up as the skirmish line is moving forward whilst some of the battalion run to get through the gap in the hedge were the Sargent is ready to put them in order so that the rest of the battalion can follow on and form up into an organised body again.

Worms eye view of the skirmishers forcing their way through. I was very happy how the whole base came out and Cath has again come up trumps with some of the shots. Next up for this project is another reserve regiment so expect more of the same next month.


  1. Nicely done with the painting and basing. I am trying to do the same with some of my figures which are based for Volley and Bayonet.
    Keep them coming...

  2. @ Mike, it's a fine aim to get done, only time will tell if I manage or not LOL. I think I have seen some of your posts on yours.