Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Project Waterloo July, Early Orders.

I finished early this month, actually I finished very early as the target total was achieved by the twenty first. That's painted, based, flocked, varnished and flagged. Only tonight have I got round to getting them photographed which was actually done by Cath with the picture above taken by here.

It never ceases to amaze me the detail on these Adler figures, and this grey scale picture really shows it off. So over the next week you will see the latest regiment of infantry finished but also the cavalry from last month and finally a command stand! 

So I have the rest of the month to spend doing other things, the building of the week is close to finished, I have the 15mm ECW regiment on bottle tops all ready and I have more than a little job in having already assembled the 1940 RAF pilot from Ultracast that just needs a little filling and he will be undercoated.

All in all a profitable month time wise especially given the heat which seems to have stopped lots of painters in their tracks. This terrain (building) a week is really pushing me along as it was intended and this means you will see a large mix of pieces over the blog, not just buildings but I have a number of ideas brewing for 15mm, nothing to the standards of the professionals but I think I may be able to use some of the packaging that comes my way through work. Storing it though is going to be a pain, after all I have rather a lot of 6mm Prussians to house.


  1. I'm glad you hit your targets, really struggling over here, but a bit more done today though.

  2. Great news. One day I'll strap in and get on with it myself.

  3. You're a machine Ian, a good painting machine!

  4. Well done on getting all the figures finished on time, It does seem everyone else including me are struggling at the moment.

  5. Are you working in a freezer?

    Good work!


  6. God did you manage in this heat?

  7. @ Michael, even if you get a bit done in a day I think it helps keep you going, long breaks can kill your momentum real quick

    @ Sean, well I was told the weather will break soon but it's not showing signs of staying broke LOL.

    @ Fran, I have to keep going, if I get behind it will become a chore but looking forward to a different scale for sure.

    @ Ray, well with sweat sticking to my back at the moment I can understand the slow down.

    @ Peter, Oh I wish, using distilled water mixed with flowaide seems to keep it liquid longer than just plain water, that makes a big difference

    @ Vinnie, I think it's warmer your end of the UK, and I don't live encased in concrete (my painting desk is in the middle of the downstairs part of the house) but it's not unusual to see me just in shorts


  8. 'Twill be good to see them arrayed on the tabletop. What is the schedule for the big game; June 2015k or earlier?

    1. We are looking at May 2015 to kick it off. It's just two of us who are supplying the figures but I think others will join for the game play. Lee the other guy has a very large shed so we will play on his 24x8 foot table (it may be 6 foot). We may take time off work to play but expect it to take a few months to play it through. We already have Quatre Bras planned before it.

      I keep fixed in my mind all those Prussians coming into play. I would not mind but I am playing as the French so I will be fighting against them LOL



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