Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Leven Miniatures Supply Dumps and Sandbagging.

No not sandbagging as in Ray, sandbagging as in defensive works. You see Leven Miniatures has started to make some things a bit different to buildings. First up for sale is the Dragons Teeth and Supply dumps but Mike will be releasing packs of sandbagged positions and Fuel Dumps, at the moment he has a set of four Fuel Dumps for £2 which again is a real bargain. 

Here we have the basic horseshoe position, to give you an idea the base it is sitting on is 60 x 60mm and no the sandbags are not glued down. 

Here we have a corner section, a gentle curve (note the flower middle section for firing, and a straight section. The utility I just painted up for scale as I no longer have any 6mm tanks any more.

These are really nice, they are for AA positions but would work as well for most ATG's Painting wise it was a quick spray in grey and then dry brush in Iraqi Sand (I think) with a little touch up of buff to give a bit of depth.

Here are the two different ammo dumps, these painted as desert items, again sitting on that 60 x 60mm base not to mention the old pick up.

Same oil drum types but painted green and given a bit of a cammo net for fun. All the bits I have sent to Big Lee as I know he can make good use of them. Indeed he even got in touch with Leven and bought some of their buildings so I hope he is happy with what he has bought.

Not sure when these will be released or the price they will be, but if you drop Mike a line I am sure he will give you the information you want.


  1. The ammo dumps especially are very nice.

  2. Very smart work Ian - I'll bet Lee was pleased to get them as a gift :)

  3. look great cheers for sharing
    Peace James

  4. @ Andrew, Leven have some very nice ones painted up on their website.

    @ PanzerKaput, tempted by the small scale yet?

    @ Fran, I prefer the sandbags though, both could be useful though

    @ Michael, and real easy to paint up

    @ Tamsin, given he did not have a clue what I was sending him he took it rather well ;-)

    @ James, Lee also has picks on his blog I think Leven should do well with these