Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 19 July 2013

Building of the Week - Barn Store

Ooops another week almost over, must be time for another building. Well I have decided to change the name to Terrain piece of the week from next week as I have ideas for some terrain as well as the buildings but don't see how I can fit in a building every week as well. 

So this week I have added to the town set with the Leven Miniatures FAR05 Barn Store at £1.50 in a farm setting (I will buy another for such) it indeed looks the part of an extended barn. Here though it also could be a store house or workshop in a town so it's nice and flexible.

As I have come to expect from Leven, great texture to get the most out of the dry brush style of painting. The roof tiles have the look of tiles as you would hope. Again the lack of windows for a barn is perfect. Slightly less so for a workshop but then Leven have made no claim of it being such. 

The two windows are to the back of the building, of course I could have set the building back from the road and made a working area around it but liked the idea of having it obviously used for wagons to enter through the wide doors and as such a small storehouse for lower valued goods.

It's on the usual 60x60 base with a slither of road to join other tiles, I will have to do some corner only tiles with the building taking up the centre of the tile but I have plenty to be going at for the time being. I also plan to add already finished buildings to tiles so that they can fit in with Willies Town  ;-)


  1. @ Ray, Thanks

    @ Michael, Can you tell it was done at the same time as the farm?, next up is a bit different