Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Blog Giveaway and Paying it Forward

You may remember that the fine upstanding geezer Seb at Back to the Minis had a giveaway a few months back and I won this rather interesting book. about Mithridates and his opposition to Roman power. It stuck me part way through reading it would make a great Giveaway with a difference.

My wife is always mentioning Pay it Forward, this is where on receiving a gift or giveaway you then do something similar through your blog. Well I thought something slightly different would fit the bill so read on my good friends.

I offer up the book Seb sent me as a giveaway. The only provision is that after you have read the book you then either do a blog giveaway for it (if you have one) or just pass it on to someone else you know with the idea that they do the same. It would be great to see the book do the rounds and enriching as many people as possible.

The usual rules I play by.
You need to be a follower but can join to enter the giveaway. You need to leave a post here saying your interested in it and if you run a blog it would be nice if you linked a post to this giveaway as the more the merrier.
I will run the giveaway till the 22nd so plenty of time to join in.

So the book itself. I really enjoyed the read and learnt about a character I knew nothing about. The book is well written though Philip Matyszak trys a little too hard to be slick and funny, not a normal style for military history but on the whole it works for him.

At 168 pages of written text it romps along and I was soon finished. A few possible battles to wargame if desired and it's worth reading if only for the end. 

So it's a good general read and even better for those who have an interest in this period of war. If your not really interested in the period it still would be a good read, the style and length of the writing making it a quick read that maintains the readers interest.


  1. That realy is a wonderful idea. It'd be great to track the progressof the book around the blogs!

  2. Great idea. It'll be interesting to see what happens...

  3. @ All, glad you guys are in, will you face more competition though?


  4. What a great idea! Our very own blog Library!!!