Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 29 September 2013

A Day at the World Wargames Show

First time I have had to queue to get into a show in years, though we did wonder if we were in a queue for bacon baps ;-) It sure seemed busier this year than last and we stayed to the death and it only seemed to drop off around 4pm. After a spot of good fortune three days before I had some spending money so was looking forward to some retail therapy.

First stop was the Baccus stand as Lee wanted to clear Baccus out of the new French. So if anyone over the weekend did not get the French they needed, you can blame him. I have plenty in stock so will simply order more in a month or so. The new French are just as nice as Lee had mentioned and Peter had a sample pack ready for me of each of the new lines available in cavalry and guns all FOC so expect to see these up on the blog over the next week or a little longer dependant on me getting quality time at the desk this coming week. 

Whilst on the stand Andy Mc of Another Slight Diversion fame caught up with me and we arranged a later meet though that did not stop us chatting there and then, not to mention the handing over of these....

10th (1st Silesian) Regiment of the 13 Brigade of the IV Corps.
One 60x60 base of Line Infantry, not only are they so very well painted but the basing is just gorgeous as well.

Just look at the detail on these guys. It's a shame Andy does not have the time to paint up more of these guys. He is trading two bases to me due to it being a never to be finished project.

Here come the Landwehr, these are also IV Corp which is the one I have started work on so both will fit in nicely. So I will have to do these justice in future games.

Andy also had a box of early Prussians unpainted which Lee took off his hands, so that's another face to climb on Lee's 6mm mountain. 

I went to MDP stand to pick up some more of the Mr. Metal Colour paints but unfortunately he had not took them with him so that's for another day. I did get a Vallejo wash and some resin bases from him so it was not a wash out.

Talking of paints, I picked up two of the three I was after and a couple more of so. I need a few more colours just to get started on the fantasy figures, though some were bought with Cath's figure in mind.

I also picked up a bunch of Roman figures from Essex so I can make a start on that army which will be a fun change to all the others I have painted.

I also had some Knight Templar or Crusader figures on my list and picked up eight of these which are for dare I say it Fantasy Roleplaying. This will be quite a diversion as I need to get a load of figures painted up ready for starting a campaign with a mostly rookie group. Not on the list was any other figures for this game but I added a bargain bag of plastic figures that will come into the campaign later but will be painted up soon. From the same store I bough a bunch of old Grenadier orc's that are being cast by new owners of the moulds. They are flash heavy but they look good figures. Lee grabbed some of the adventurer figures, all of these were at the princely cost of £1.40 a figure.

I also met up with Tamsin who did not take the opportunity to gouge out my eyes for previous comments. Unfortunately I was pressed for time and did not have as  long to chat as I had hoped. Given it was past lunch and only money spent was the entrance fee and a couple of coffees I was desperate to get that corrected.

I chatted with Dr. Mike who was again running his painting clinic and dropped off the flocking powders, I am interested in what he makes of them. Whilst there I also bumped into Steve who I really need to get some British Naps painted for which leads to the meeting with Matt who did not even mention the Zulu's I almost started this month, so as they are linked I had better get on with it.

I also bumped into Loki funny enough on route to Warbases (he had escaped for a look round) again just a quick chat before seeing him back at the stand were I picked up a few bases for the town. These being a mix of 60x120 and 120x120 to allow some less linear sections.

As I mentioned before we did stay till the end but again  a chunk of the time was back at the Baccus stand chatting with Peter now the rush had died down. Peter has a lot of plans for the coming decade, well that is what it sounded like from what he was saying. The French Napoleonic's will feature heavily into next year but his WWI and WWII will broaden Baccus footprint in the hobby by a massive amount whilst he has plenty of other irons in the fire for the future.

So all in all a good day though I was blasted by time I went to bed. Little hobby time today so it will be Monday before I get to feed off the extra momentum a show always supplies.


  1. Sounds great and the little Prussians look gorgeous!

  2. Those Prussians are fantastic! I've been resisting Pete 'Look into my eyes' Berry for years, but I might have crumbled if I'd seen those figures. Dr Mike makes it look so easy too.

    Didn't make it today after all - 'popped' my knee yesterday and spent all night taking pain killers and feeling fsorry for myself. Glad to hear that the show seems to be picking up again though. Try again Next year.


  3. I have just returned and hated it, was a total waste of my time, apart from dropping off a commission and chatting with Loki wish I had stayed at home. Was probably not the best day for me to go as only slept about 3 hours and am on the cusp of depression.

  4. Glad you had a good day Ian and sorry to hear about James experience though!

  5. Those figures are gorgeous and the basing is really nice. Glad to hear you had a fine day!

  6. It was great to meet you Ian. I hope your nephew's fingers heal up soon.

    I didn't get much chance to get around the trade stands and demo games at all, which may have been a good thing - it saved me a bunch of money (which will no doubt be spent at SELWG or Warfare).

  7. @ Paulalba, it has been the best show of the year for me and yes they are aren't they.

    @ Well worth having a go with the 6mm, especially Baccus as they are the easiest to paint. Sounds horrible about the knee, mine waited till Sunday bed time for mine to fold. I thought Cath was going to be sick (my knee joint occasionally folds the wrong way and she saw it fully for the first time) But as usual it was OK to use 8 or so hours later.

    @ James, sorry it was so bad for you, I got used to the bikes etc after a while, I ran out of time in the end though. Hope things pick up soon as I know work is crap for you at the moment.

    @ Fran, I did indeed and thought you were referring to my James who had smashed the ends of two of his fingers the month before and is still recovering from surgery and was walking around at the show with two well bandaged fingers but yes it was OUR James not MY James.

    @ Anne, Your not wrong on any point

    @ Tamsin, Likewise, after seeing you he started to drop a bag and caught it with the wrong hand, I thought he was pale before :-)

    Off putting purchases is a strategy but I bet you make up for it.


  8. Good to hear that you had a nice day! And you made some good purchases as I can read!
    Any pictures of the event itself?