Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Sunday, 1 September 2013

24th Reserve Regiment Adler Prussians

As we tip into September I present to you my happy Prussians, these were finished yesterday afternoon so just inside the time frame I had set. These are all Adler but not all of them are actually Prussians as I am sure some of you will have spotted. Most of the Infantry figures are in fact British with the odd command figure and all the skirmishers Prussian. All three battalions according to Mont St Jean had some British uniforms but as it seemed to suggest that most wore British I decided to use British infantry for the lot.

I went for a ground level shot for a few of the pictures in an attempt for dramatic effect ;-) The officers are wearing Prussian Blue jackets whilst the rankers are in grey, this in some cases led to higher officer casualties  as they were easy to pick out. This actually led to some battalions not dressed  in blue to be ordered to wear their greatcoats on the 16th and onwards. Notice the mounted officer is wearing his greatcoat of grey is he clever or a coward?

This is the 1st Battalion of the 24th Reserve Regiment, though at this point the Reserve was dropped from there name but that was only three months in their past so maybe they will not mind using the old title. 
I had to choose flags for the regiment so went with the basic white background and black flag. At this point I am starting to run low on Reserve and Landwehr flags so these may be on the shopping list for Derby.

Again these Adler were a joy to paint up, the detail makes them rewarding to paint if you give them the extra time which rewards you in spades. The sculps really lend themselves to the nut brown ink wash.

I have started to add tufts with added flocking powder to my bases, it took a few goes to start getting it right, indeed some of the examples here are a little heavy handed, time will tell how much will remain on the bases as they get used. 
Here we have the 2nd Battalion which I mounted on the base off centre to give the formation a more interesting look when fighting together. As all thee are this time in column I wanted some point of difference.

The Battalion commander ever concious of image turns to face the scribe for a quick painting of him (probably just before he is taken out with a lead ball between the eyes)
This style of basing is now second nature and I think gets a bit better with each session. I have also used in on the two 28mm figures I have painted up as well so I can see the old style flocking becoming a thing of the past for the most part.

I only noticed the wonky bayonet after taking the photo's, you will be happy to know I have straightened said pointy thing so all is good with the world.

The 3rd Battalion as always minus flag. This does save me a till time and effort but does rather leave me with a fair amount of men with pointy sticks, I wonder if they could be painted up as Russian's? :-)

I do like the British figures painted up like this, the red and white plumes do add a much needed splash of colour to the grey clad battalions and it is with some relief that the next regiment under the brush is dressed in good old Prussian Blue and is of course Landwehr which has graced my table but a little so far. Actually that will remain the case whilst I am working on I Corp but will drastically change when I move over to IV Corp.

So here we have the whole of the 24th Reserve Regiment, part of the 1st Brigade I Corp which only needs the one Landwehr regiment painting and a few last touches on it's commander then that Brigade will be finished. 
Seven more months and I will have the whole Corp finished and will have passed the half way point having by this time also got most of the cavalry painted if I remain consistent with the cavalry.

A couple of weeks ago I checked my unpainted box to see what I would need to buy in the next two years to finish the 72 Battalions of infantry, cavalry, guns and commanders. Seems I need just the one Landwehr regiment and a few more command stands and I have the job finished. However I will probably buy some more cavalry packs at Derby just to give me flexibility for other campaigns. 

Knowing I more or less have all the Prussians I need is a great feeling as it means potentially I don't have to spend any more on the figure side of the Waterloo Project excepting the French, that is another story.

Lee has texted me from Partizan letting me know the new Baccus French Cavalry and Artillery look excellent. These I need to purchase to paint up for the blog to continue covering the releases of the French, not that they won't come in but Lee also gave me a few regiments of old Baccus as he now has no intention of painting up the old cavalry with the new around the corner. Net result is that I will end up with soooooo many French cavalry (I already have a load of Adler bought at Triples) so when it comes to playing a really BIG game I think we have the cavalry covered)


  1. I do like that shot head on as it shows the figures as they would be seen marching across the field towards the enemy.

    Sorry you weren't feeling well enough to go to Partizan this year.

  2. Great work on your Prussians. I love how each base is it's own tiny wee diorama. Been feeling the new project itch lately and your tiny men in uniforms aren't helping!

    Keep the updates coming though, bring on the cavalry!

  3. I'm liking these Ian, especially the front on shot, all very impressive.

  4. Nice nice. I do like the Adler figures, and very easy to paint from memory.

  5. Lovely work on the Pruskies Ian!!

  6. @ Anne, yes lends a different perspective to the wee chaps. I missed Partizan but am a lot more mobile today, need to be able to walk around for a full day at a trade show on Wednesday so I don't regret the decision (got a lot of painting done) but missed meeting up with some friends I may not get to see till Blog-Con or beyond.

    @ Vladd, Of yes you know you want too.... Before the cavalry you will get to see the mounted command who at this point are awaiting a ink wash and basing so should be all done in a few days.

    @ Michael, I think it's the splash of colour on the Shako's. I need to prep the next Regiment, just need to know if I have any Landwehr skirmishers

    @ Dave, they are indeed, not that Baccus are hard at all but Adler lend themselves to the brush that bit more if your prepared to do the prep and go the extra mile for the results.

    @ Ray, Thank's I am liking the fact that I have breached the 1/3 way point and if I was to use the Baccus could claim to be at the half way point. It's only when I think about the fact I have 20 more months to go do my knees start to quiver.


  7. Lovely work there Ian and I am always impressed by chaps who work in this scale. As by chance there was a Paint 6mm display next to our game at Partizan and the detail that they got on them was stunning

    1. That would have been Dr. Dave's painting clinic. I have picked up great tips from Dave and have a lot to thank him for my style though he would be the first to say that I waste too much time on some of my work as I could get nearly as good results on less time if I ditched some of my style