Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 23 September 2013

Building of the Week - Large Medieval Town House

I painted up this weeks Building of the week with the two I did for last week so thought I may as well share the results at the start of the week for a change. Sticking with Leven Miniatures we have MED06 Large Medieval Town House also costing £2.50. I was so surprised that both this house and the other two cost the same price that I took them to work to weigh them. Each of the smaller houses were 17g whilst the Large one was 34g so twice the weight for the same cost. I would say the work that went into each of the two prior building was as much if not more than this larger but simpler one.

Not that I want you to think this building lacks detail, that would be to mislead you as you will see from the pictures included. It still has detail but it's not as involved or tightly packed as the other buildings. Indeed I see this building being of more use than last weeks buildings as I think it can be used for a wider time period.

The sun was a little bright so the patchy effect on the render does not show through as well as I would have liked on these shots. Unlike the traditional German buildings the wood sections are far more spaced out making painting them easier if not quite as attractive.

Here you can see the patchy a little better. I really like the way Mike does the tiles for the roofs, they are easy to paint up and time wise it's a quick paint up, something we all want when we can get it.

So overall I think it's a very useful building that is a snip at £2.50 and it will see a lot of action on my tables. I hope that Levin will do a few more buildings in this style as a mix would be really good. It's all well and good having lots of buildings with character and detail but you also need plenty of ones that the eye does not dwell on when in a bunch. Mike has the skill of turning out buildings that look great on the table, be they fancy or regular.


  1. Looks really good, very usable!

  2. Hola
    Se ven muy bien
    Tienes un blog muy bueno

  3. That looks just like a spot I had some very pleasent pints of cider in when we were on honeymoon. A spur to happy memories.

  4. These Levan buildings are very nice. Do you have a goal as far as how may you will have and what size town/towns you can represent.
    I ask because it always seems that no matter how many new buildings I create, I always am doing a scenario that needs just a few more than I have.

  5. Very nice Ian. You are the perfect advocate for gaming at 6mm. The amount of things you can buy at these kinds of prices is staggering. Something like this at 28mm would cost $50.00 or more.

  6. @ Paulalba, yes indeed, I think you can get away with bringing all the way to the 19th centry without too many stretch marks

    @ JD, Gracias, me gusta mucho la tuya también

    @ Conrad, I am very happy it's brought back such good memories

    @ Mike, The idea is that the town can be made up of many different buildings and be of various sizes. I hope to have far more than will be practical to use all at once making it far more versatile. I also need to do some curve road sections etc so that i's not all grid, not that it matters that much.

    @ Anne, why thank you. I do think my blog has become in the past too 6mm driven but what with the fantasy and other projects coming into the mix I hope to keep everyone elses interest going. Just found out I don't need as many Prussians as thought so I can step off the gas a bit which I think some followers may be releived