Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

A Present Through The Post

With the recent rash of parcels coming my way of late it's easy to get used to getting home from work to another parcel. Today's edition of Don't Pass the Parcel though was different. I did not know what was to be hiding inside, just an idea. Jonathan from The Inevitable Spark had offered to send me some of his lead mountain, figures from the LOTR no less so seeing a parcel from the States I was quick to snatch up my scapulae and start cutting into the tape around a rather stout box. 

One open I was not disappointed, the first items out of the box was such a blast from the past. This being the goblins that was included in the magazine version that serialised the game system. I remember buying a couple of copies and painting up the Goblins that came with it BLUE! These were for a special scenario I had devised when my poor adventures were on a river boat and beset with River Goblin's. 

These 18 goblins will be painted up as regular goblins and I know I will have great fun as part of my mind will be on the past as well as the future. I felt these were the best Goblin's ever produced with the figures being more correct for how I saw Goblins.

Next up was an Orc and again these look better than the far more bulky types you see outside the LOTR camp. I will need more of this type of Orc at some point. I don't plan on including the banner on the figure and would change the hand to a spear but may yet keep him as he is.

Two Elves armed with polearms another with the two handed sword and a fourth with a long bow, these will be useful for a few ideas I have for GM'ing and look really nice to paint.

Elladan and Elrohir were still in their blister but I could not contain myself as I had them out nice and fast. Again these can get multiple use or even become player character figures at some point. These need searous thought before I start to splash the paint.

I now have a Frodo! what an excellent hobbit figure he is. I will certainly enjoy painting him up and he is bound to get a fair amount of play as a regular Halfling. It would be a shame to paint him up as Frodo and not get any play out of him.

So a BIG thanks to Jonathan and I hope he approves of the paint jobs I will do doing on these fine figures. So I think you can guess at some of the future posts will feature. If you have yet to pop over to The Inevitable Spark I urge you to do so, Jonathan paints a wicked figure and has a great mix of history and eye candy.


  1. A superb parcel of delights there Ian

  2. Looks like you will be busy in the future! Great figures!


  3. I think most of us would have used a knife to open the box, so congrats on going for something different and using your shoulder-blades (and more congrats for getting the plural "scapulae" correct!).

    That's a nice bunch of figures that Jonathan has sent you :)

  4. A nice little pressie in the post is always good!

  5. great parcel, beats the box I got awoken to collect from the delivery man today... it was an exersize bake for my next door :(
    Peace James

  6. So glad they arrived safely Ian, enjoy!! :)

  7. Nice to see LOTR getting some love...

  8. That's a great bunch of loot.

  9. Oh man, this is some sweet stuff. I can't wait to see you paint these!!

  10. Nothing beats getting a parcel in the post.

  11. They are very nice and may you have great fun painting them.

  12. @ Andrew, your not kidding, very happy to have it in my hot and sweeties.

    @ Peter, I plan to enjoy these as I get my eye back in for Fantasy

    @ The dangers of using a spell checker and errr not checking ;-)

    @ Ray, your not wrong, it was great opening it

    @ FMB, the hottest and lots of excuses to do something a little different to the usual program

    @ James, Not only was it a BAD parcel it was your sleep time :-(

    @ Jonathan, oh I will, already I am toying with them and thinking what first?

    @ Scott, always love LOTR just not painted any in years. Added bonus is that it's got Cath all warmed up for watching the films again soon

    @ The Kiwi, Your not wrong, enough to keep me distracted for some time for sure.

    @ Anne, sweet a sugar but much better for me

    @ Conrad, not even two parcels?

    @ Rodger, I think so, I have been stuck with the painting this month, too many Birthdays and other distractions keeping me from my painting table, hope these will help me get back at it.

    PanzerKaput, Very nice indeed and I certainly hope I will have lots of hours from painting them and then in their use.