Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 9 September 2013

Work Desk and a Few Reminders

It's been an interesting weekend and a bit. It's mostly gone something like this........

Prep some figures, stab myself with a bayonet,

Prep some more and now stab myself with my scalpel,

Say sod it for tonight and then pick up where I left off in the morning, yes stab myself again with the scalpel,

Take a break to go blackberry picking and get stabbed repeatably with thorns mostly from blackberry bushes mixed in with other spiky plants and stings from nettles to mix it up.

After that it's back home to stab myself with my needle file and as it never gets old my scalpel.

End result though is..............

This is this months target in 6mm figures, other figures will be added in through the month as I feel like it. Given that Lee and I have started building Quatre Bras this may be a tad optimistic but if you don't try...

Lee also provided the OOB he want's to break his Saxon's in on. I need to provide 42 Prussian Infantry Battalions so we either give it a go early next year or I go for double production for October and November and we can try for the Christmas break. It's possible so lets see.

At least I have something finished, well if you don't include basing and post varnish touch ups then it's finished. I should get the base either tomorrow or more likely Wednesday so I aim to have it finished for Friday if possible. I won't rush it but I am looking forward to passing it on.

Once finished fully and with the owners permission I will post better picks. Then I will throw some spare painting hours in the direction of the Balaclava diorama I have for myself. This one was a walk in the park compared with the complexity of that one so I look forward to the challenge and hope it's as much fun to do as this one.

OK reminders. 
If your in the Santa Clause and you have yet to send your details please see the last call post and get in touch.

Secret Santa, you have three weeks to sign up, then I will be closing the list and asking for email addresses though you can beat me to the punch if you want and get your details to me. Tomorrow I start to chase the Clause guys and girls.

Last up is the giveaway. Again tomorrow will see a couple of extra items added that I forgot to include, but if you have yet to throw your hat in the ring for a prize feel free to check out yesterdays post and say which items you are interested in. You can go for as many prizes as you like, if you win one you still get put in for the others.


  1. Oh my goodness. Sounds like a rough time over there. Stop stabbing yourself, eh?

  2. do you have any fingers left :)
    Peace James

  3. Blimey. Try holding the blunt end of the knife next time huh? ;-)

  4. I just hope your tetnus shots are up to date!

  5. Well for fecks sake, no running with scissors!

  6. Who knew war gaming could be a dangerous hobby to partake in :)

  7. Ah yes, blackberry picking . . . . kids way too old; grandson too young. Bliss!

  8. I hope the result are worth risking life and limb for!!

  9. Saxons vs Prussians, that should be fun. Enjoy the blackberries, we picked here about a month ago.

  10. You need to stop stabbing yourself, its dangerous!

  11. @ Spooky, I never thought of that. Girl your a genius ;-)

    @ James, fingers yes, space for more jabs? er a little

    @ Millsy, more good advice. Reminds me of the days when I had razor blades that were covered on one side, just occasionally I'd press on the sharp side :-O

    @ Styx, er not any more, used to have them due to a prior job but not done so for years LOL

    @ Fran, you take all the fun out of this hobby ;-)

    @ Andrew, at least my pike on the whole don't carry wire pikes but a few do

    @ Gary, The kids got bored a long time before the longlegs

    @ Roger, well one can hope, only a few weeks to find out

    @ Mike, With a side order of French. Seems the OrBat is wrong and to do it justice we need a LOT more so looks to be something to do just before or after Waterloo

    @ Ray, but kind of fun as well ;-)