Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Another Parcel :-)

For the second day on the trot I got home to a parcel waiting by my computer. This time it was chock full of Leven Miniatures buildings. I ordered them over the weekend and given that I received TWENTY TWO buildings or wall sets I think the speed of delivery was nothing short of brilliant. 

The picture you see is after a good ten plus minutes of ripping and tearing bubble wrap off all the buildings. All I can say is that I am glad Mike does not wrap my Christmas presents! It's a right old mix of buildings which I will touch upon in future posts. Some of these will get painted up fairly quickly, especially as some of them look really easy to paint. I love the post windmill, though I will need to scratch build the post having washed the one supplied down the sink when I was washing them. Yes in the first hour I not only opened the tiny packages but also had washed them all ready for a bit of a clean up and spray ready to get going on them.

I took a punt on a few by going for the Medieval buildings in the hope they will fit in with the buildings I have for the town and looks to me that they will work well enough. The ones two that are meant to be either side of the gatehouse are on the small size, comparison wise but I intend to bunch them with a few more as a part of the town that is older than the rest and this will work well. Don't think I am questioning the scale, I am not. Simply they are smaller houses as that was how the Medieval dudes rolled  ;-) 

Of course that means I need to buy a few more which is such a shame. I may paint them up but I won't base them yet. Others will jump forward in the queue so no problems for the building of the week for awhile.

I will also buy some larger tiles from Warbases so I can have some jumbles of houses amongst the more ordered and also a few diorama like bits that are just crying out to be done.

Anyway I have done almost no painting since Sunday so I'm off to wave a brush in the general direction of some figures.


  1. looking great going to be a great looking town/city scape
    Peace James

  2. They look nice, what I can make out of the detail seems pretty crisp.


  3. Cool, you'll have these done in no time at all!

  4. That is great service and a lovely collection of buildings too

  5. @ James, it's going to be big, that's for sure! I hope to get a few done next week so I can get a group shot done.

    @ FMB, Leven buildings do tend to be very crisp and paint up well.

    @ Ray, well this last week I have done very little. I really need to get my skates on LOL

    @ PanzerKaput, great service indeed and I agree it's a great mix. About half of them are countryside, the others are for the town