Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Monday, 30 September 2013

Winterwar Kickstarter

I guess I should thank Mike over at Trouble at Mill for this though at the same time maybe I should curse him. He got me interested in my second Kickstarter Project this one being 28mm Winter War, you know the one before WWII got going where the Russians git a right royal kicking by the much smaller Finnish army. Not sure how the rules will handle the required Russian bull at a gate attitude to make this work historically though Mike is very into Chain of Command and I hope he can keep the rest of us interested.

So I went for the £60 per side option having just been handed some free money rather unexpectedly and this is what I will get, yes I will get all of the following.

Also the Field Kitchen has also been unlocked, I mean a FIELD KITCHEN how can you resist that?!!!!

So for £60 you get all of the items for one force, so the Russians have a base of 44 figures THEN add all the items on the right including the T-26 Light Tank and B-10 armoured car. In fact the Russian gets over 100 figures! a large mortar, HMG and even a Artillery gun. Yes you really do get all of that, not to mention free postage to ANYWHERE in the world!!!!

The first figures are expected to be supplied sometime in November which is in fact most of them and the rest plus the vehicles expected in the first quarter of 2014. Further stretch goals which will be also free add ons are Twin MG turrets for the T-26 for the Russian. Followed by, AA Truck for each side (if you go £120 like me that's one Russian and one Finnish. Last up would be a very cool Aerosan with crew for both sides, which means on the £120 pledge two Aerosan with two crews.

So far £31,000 has been raised with £40,000 required to hit the last free add on. After that all the add on's cost extra money. The kickstarter ends in seven days time but I suspect it will have a late surge as more jump in to take advantage of such a good offer. Lee who originally dismissed it as he has enough 28mm to sink any ship and has zero interest in 28mm WWII suddenly got the big eyes for the project and I guess I may have had something to do with that


  1. Good to see you again Ian, Sunday was a bad day it was dead!

  2. It it a stupid good deal, even if you don't do any upgrades just popping the 60 ($95 US)....

  3. Very nice stuff. Wrong scale for me, though. I am working on a Command Decision scenario for the latter Continuation War; Finnish StuG's and T-26's on the attack!

  4. It is a different and interesting part of WW2?

  5. I saw this a while back and I'm surprised they hadn't hit their funding goal yet. Hopefully they'll get there and a bit more in the next week!

  6. Sounds like a good deal to me! And that field kitchen makes it even more interesting! ;-)


  7. A lot of people have mentioned the field kitchen on blogs, good deal as Peter said!

  8. @ Andrew, so the busy buzz of Saturday was somewhat spoilt by a slow second day, that's a real shame.

    @ Styx, I think £60 is the sweet spot, sure you can go heavier but if I had £180 I would go 2x Russian 1x Finn and forget any of the third stretch goal offers as nothing beats that deal.

    @ Mike, sounds good. I plan to paint up at least one lot and flog on for future gaming money though it depends on what Lee plans to do as well.

    @ Ray, I like that period though it can be hard to wargame, that ultimately be the real test though Baker Company have not set out to supply rules they are a straight figure supplier.

    @ Anne, Oh they have hit the funding level, they have added two fresh sets of stretch goals. They will continue to attract further funding right to the end of the offer period which is this Sunday.

    @ Peter, oh the field kitchen, how could anyone resist LOL

    @ Fran, I am hoping it goes far enough to include the funky Aerosan or whatever ;-)


  9. Good to see more people supporting this. Can't have too much Winter War stuff :-)