Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Friday, 6 September 2013

Chatter Behind The Bike Sheds, The Friends We Make

Nothing new in this but always worth mentioning. Figure and Board Gaming has brought a number of friends into my life as it has I am sure yours. However it's been the internet via boards and to a greater extent for figure gamers the various blogs I follow and of course my own. Sometimes you just take it for granted but other times like just half an hour ago you get a nice reminder. In my case it was a couple of e-mails from my mate Andy Mc who I first got to know through playing ASL against him in Blackpool at the Heroes tourny. Both of us were there just for friendly games. I have made a shed load of ASL pals either FTF play or over the internet either via live or PBeM games. 

Figure gamers are just as friendly and I feel I could fetch up all over the world and make contact with a friendly face. I have received more than my fair share of kindness from the good folks here in Blog-World and have tried to spread a little love myself, it's a good feeling too  ;-)

It's something that makes Blog-Con so special and why I wanted to jump up and help. Until it actually is under our belts I don't think anyone really knows how special it will be till afterwards though the possibility that some guys are travelling from other countries and even continents should give us a clue.

What we don't have a clue about is the numbers, both in terms of how many will be coming to the con and how many it would take to be called a success. On the one hand four guys and girls having a roaring time would be good enough but how many do we need to be there for our hosts to think they need to support it next year? Or the companies sending round items for our use or even staff as one has mentioned! Blog-Con is just 63 days away now, that's just nine weeks time, told you it would be here before you know it. 

Even our hosts are in on the act with a facebook page covering our event, they are behind our little game and I am sure by the end of the weekend they will be counting down the days to Blog-Con II, I know I will.

Looking past Friends in blog world, even some of the traders become friends. I count Peter from Baccus and Mike from Leven as friend's, I trade e-mails with them and when possible chat at shows often beyond such as their products. I'm happy for them when things go right and feel for them if something does not. Not that I would let it influence a review LOL.

So when did this hobby last do something to make you smile?


  1. last weekend when I met up with two blog-friends at my Dads and had a great weekend.
    I hope Blog-Con will be all we hope it will be
    Peace James

  2. Very cool that you are having a Blog-Con. Sounds fun. Hope to see pictures.

    PS: I really enjoy the friends I've made online. It's super duper cool.

  3. When that talented Mr Awdry sent me the Anti Rooster set.. Great stuff .

  4. @ James, Blog Con will be sooo good, just a short while after blogging the post I received a comment on my Newstead write up from an old SK mate who is hoping to attend, that sort of thing Blog-Con is making possible. Meeting Ray, Fran, Big Lee and Postie are things that are just strengthening the whole event and makes future Blog-Cons a sure thing bet!

    @ Spooky, I think it's safe to assume many a photo will be taken :-)

    @ Dave, yes indeed. I also have received something from Mr. Awdry just a shame he can't make it this year.


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    1. Especially after the scare you received the other night LOL