Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Saturday, 14 September 2013

Building of the Week - Warehouse Leven Miniatures

I am again going back to a building I had painted some time ago but based only recently. Looking on the Leven website I could not find this actual building but I think it was an earlier version of IND10 Warehouse at £2.50 which I have already painted up. 

This was one of the quick paint up's I did before really finding a definite style. A simple cream like colour with a lot of brown wash slapped on to the walls for a grubby look. It's not much to look at but I like the look of it all the same.

As I said above I already have the more recent version painted up but I also have just received the newer version in my latest order so it will get a third paint up.

The drainpipes have been removed on the later version and for me that is better for the period I want to use them in. I am sure I would do a better job if I was planning to do it again though.

This one has got a corner road section which means it will tend to be in the inner sections of the town. Talking of the town a fair few of the buildings I bought in the latest draft will be thrown into the town mix. I still have a lot of the Fachwerkhaus buildings to paint up, nine to be exact! this will make sure the town will have an obvious older district as well as the later period buildings. I plan to have so many buildings with plenty of options for the roads etc that I can use it for lots of periods. I doubt I will use all the buildings together when I have them all collected.

Here is what I think is the replacement of the building featured this time. As you can see they share a lot of detail but the one directly above has more detail.

On the subject of Leven you may want to see this. Leven Miniatures may have a TEMPORARY suspension of trading due to needing to find new production facilities. It looks like Mike will be able to continue providing buildings but it looks to impact on the speed he can get the models out so it's worth considering this in the meantime.

The changes don't look to happen till December and due to this Mike has released all buildings that were due to be released up to this point in time. This means Leven have a raft of new buildings available now so it's a good time to get any items you have been hanging your nose over.


  1. I can definitely see how your painting has improved between then and now. But this still does the trick.

  2. "Great" Ray, really ?
    only 6mm !!
    Very good painting work on this so small building !!

  3. @ Anne, I think you hit the nail on the head, it works perfectly but you know which was painted first ;-0

    @ Ray, Great no but it's nay bad

    @ Sam, I agree not great but even at 6mm this is just an alright piece.


  4. These Leven buildings are excellent. I recently bought a bunch of Arab/desert buildings from them and the quality and detailing is top-notch.

  5. 6mm? Wow, then I take my hat off, because you did a "great" job on these little buildings!


  6. @ Lee, You was the first of two bloggers to say they love there Leven Arab buildings

    @ Peter, If you are referring to the bottom one, that one I am happy with. The bottom one not so much.