Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Postman Blues

I have numerous orders in the pipe line at the moment with a few landing tomorrow I guess. So what, who and when?

Baccus for a few bits such as my son's British Skirmishers, some Brit Nap flags and a few bits for me to make up the order  ;-)
I was speaking to Peter at the show and he was telling me the new flashy website is really attracting a lot of hits, not just the buying pages but all the other cool information, forum etc. If you have not been over for a look then check it out, shopping Baccus has never been so easy and er tempting.

Essex emailed me Monday saying my Roman cavalry have been dispatched, this will allow me to finish off my army possibly before the challenge finishes. If not I will still have a good number of cavalry finished before the challenge finishes in three weeks.

Mike at Leven was pulling my leg that building of the week has been er, absent of late. Given the tonnage of resin I have I have no right to be sitting back and to get my juices running he is sending me his La Belle Alliance. That should have arrived today so will land tomorrow.

Tajima tufts, I am getting two boxes of the small clumps, should be here by Wednesday. I am really looking forward to these as they are not the standard green which is looking too dark on my Ancient bases.

Lastly Warbases, I need a base for my Roman camp and some movement trays for my 20mm Gaul's that are still waiting on their sprees.

So looking forward to tomorrow as something has to land, I hope.


  1. I won't give an account on how (im)patient I am, on waiting for mail ordered items. Suffice it is to say, that there is always a new (supposed) conspiracy against me by the Royal Mail whenever something doesn't arrive when I expect it too ;)

    1. The days can stretch out plenty when your waiting that's for sure


  2. Yup me too.. Expecting a lot of thuds o the doormat.. Well more probably the ding dong of the bell as the stuff won't fit through the letterbox