Saka Light Cavalry

Saka Light Cavalry

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

10mm French ADC's Finished

I was given these 10mm ADC's to paint at Triples and whilst I got the first four done without any fuss I just did not get round to doing the rest till the last two weeks whilst trying to clear my desk of part done miniatures they finally finished. I will not be basing them as they will at some point be sent to the owner who will sort this out. I am not sure which four I have already showed so here is the lot of them.
Most are copied from actual ADC's though the last few are close copies. All are Hussar figures so apart from colour they will all look the same.
The figures are for the most part well detailed, though a few bits had me scratching my head wondering what a few bits were. The lace on the jackets really stands out.
The horse is cast separate from the rider but the horse is super skinny allowing he saddle to sit in place. The problem is that several of the riders just did not cover enough of the horse. Take a close look at the white horse in this pic to see what  mean.
The challenge was that these figures had the same level of detail as some of the poorer quality 15mm figures. Why a problem? Well unlike 6mm you have little choice but to paint it in 10mm which I did not mind being that it was a one off but I would hate to have to do that level of detail on a whole army. I know for some of you it's the ideal scale but for Naps I would prefer to bite the bullet and go 15mm if I was going to paint that level of detail.
In an attempt to show the colours better I put them in the shade (yes got my head in the way!) I am pleased with the results and hope to get to take a look at the whole project if it gets completed but this is possibly my last involvement in the painting of it. Though if I meet up with him wit a hand full of infantry I may well paint up a regiment or two for him.


  1. I like the color of those blue jackets Ian. There is no way I could go a small as 10mm. I say that now, but eventually you read a post saying "My first 10mm figures"

  2. They are stunning Ian - 10mm! Really!

  3. @ Anne, I think your a few years off that as your love is so 28mm at the moment.

    @ Michael, LOL that made me laugh and it's my point about 10mm V 15mm